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Torqeedo Ultralight 403 Kayak motor

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Product Description

The Torqeedo Ultralight 403 is a dedicated kayak propulsion motor. It was designed from the start for this purpose, with light weight and efficiency paramount. It is undeniably not cheap, but when installed correctly it is also very, very effective. If you enjoy paddling your kayak, but would like the option to significantly extend your range, have your hands free to take photographs or catch fish, enhance your safety, or just sit back and be lazy some of the time, read on.

Some Torqeedo 403 Kayak Motor Highlights:
– Power. The maximum power output is 400W, which may not sound much. But that needs to be put in context, we are talking about powering a kayak here. A fit adult male can produce about 75W through his arms, briefly. For any length of time, 50W is pushing it. So that makes the Torqeedo Ultralight at half power more powerful than two Olympic kayak champions working flat out! And a propeller converts energy into propulsion more efficiently than paddles too.
– Weight. The whole system including battery, only weighs 7kg. In terms of weight, it more than “pays its way” compared with, for example, another paddler. No other motor is anywhere near this light, when you include the battery.
– EASY to Use. Just push the lever; no messing with a choke, pulling starting cord, or spilling petrol, etc.
– IP67 Waterproof, so even if you swamp your kayak or turn it over, the motor will still work.
– Built-in GPS & Digital Display, showing battery charge state, speed, range and power draw.
– QUIET! Not silent, but much quieter than a petrol motor. You can chat without shouting, hear and get nearer to wildlife, etc


Range is almost entirely dependent on the boat type, the load carried, and the speed at which you wish to propel it. The power needed to push a boat through the water increases by the cube, so to go twice as fast you need eight times more power… but equally if you slow down a bit your run-time/range goes up a lot. To put some numbers on it, flat out is about 10kmph (5 knots), and running flat out the battery supplied (320Wh capacity) will last a bit less than an hour. If you throttle back to 120W on an Aquaglide Chelan Tandem inflatable kayak, you should still get around 8kmph (4 knots) and can keep going like that for three hours. Kayaks with higher length to beam ratios will be more efficient still. And if you use the motor as “assistance” to your own paddling, at say 40-50W (like having an extra person paddling quite hard, without most of their weight), it will run for eight hours. One thing that’s really nice about the Torqeedo is that it has a built-in GPS, so it tells you how fast you’re going and calculates the range at that speed. Not quite enough battery left… slow down a bit. Nearly home and loads of battery left… throw caution to the wind and go flat out! You can also buy additional batteries, and the Ultralight is compatible with Travel 1003 batteries (anything up to 915Wh).


As standard the Torqeedo 403 is supplied with a comprehensive and highly adaptable mounting kit, with which it can be fitted to most “hard shell” kayaks. Essentially you need to bolt on a towball-type casting (included, see picture), and everything else hangs off that. Ideally there should be a backing plate inside the hull but if it’s not accessible the kit even includes special expanding bolts so that you can fit it “blind”. What’s not standard is a way to fit the “towball” to inflatable kayaks, which we always thought was a great shame… but it’s generally not advised to drill holes in inflatables! So after a lot of thought and a few prototypes we recently developed a method to fit the Ultralight to our favourite inflatable kayaks, the Aquaglide Chelans. This system may be adaptable to other blow-up boats, if they have aft “decks” but at least part of the reason it works on the Chelans is their high pressure and rugged (hence very stiff) hulls.

– Torqeedo 403 Ultralight Kayak Motor, 320Wh battery £1349 £1195 delivered
– (ONLY FROM US!) Nestaway adaptor kit for Aquaglide Chelan kayaks £95 (or £150 fitted, we will need the kayak)

If you contact us you will be able to speak to somebody who has actually used a Torqeedo on the water, and can give genuine, useful (realistic!) advice about battery life, range, and whether your particular kayak is suited to electric drive. If you are told the battery lasts 10 hours and the motor is equivalent to a 4hp petrol put the phone down – they either don’t understand the product or are lying!

We usually have stock: come and see a Torqeedo Ultralight, talk about it, touch it, and so on – then make a decision and take one away the same day if you want to! Contact us to arrange a time/date:
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