Aquaglide Blackfoot Inflatable Kayaks for Angling & Adventure


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Aquaglide Blackfoot Inflatable Kayaks

Aquaglide Blackfoot Inflatable Kayaks have huge carrying capacity, stability and strength.
If you want a boat that’s capable of doing whatever you’re capable of doing – Exploring, Adventuring, Angling and More – they’re an excellent choice.

Aquaglide Blackfoot

Key Features of Aquaglide Blackfoot Inflatable Kayaks

IMMENSE Carrying Capacity and Stability

Aquaglide Blackfoot kayaks are some of the “biggest” on the market – 650-lb (295kg) carrying capacity for the 130 model, 800-lb (363kg) for the 160 – and have the stability to go with it. In reasonable conditions you can even stand up in them (picture below), and there’s abundant storage space for all your gear. 

Super-Strong Build Quality

The tubes and outer hull are made from multi-layer welded Duratex fabric, with a tough reinforcing mesh sandwiched inside. Whilst it is still fabric – don’t drag it over broken glass! – it’s the same stuff used to make RIBs and rescue boats, in kayak shape. Those layers are all bonded together permanently so there’s no way for water to get in between them… which means these kayaks are easy to dry out after use, and won’t go mouldy or rotten in storage. This type of material can also be inflated to much higher pressures than the “bladder in bag” type kayaks, which makes a much stiffer hull.

High-pressure Dropstitch floor

Dropstitch material floors have transformed the performance of inflatable kayaks. Those that use them, including the Blackfoots, stay the shape they were designed to be even under load in rough conditions (no saggy bottom or banana shape here!). The material is inherently thick/tough (to take the extra pressure) but for the Blackfoots Aquaglide have added a diamond-pattern, non-slip deck material on top, making it even more durable.


Joking apart, the seat is really important in a kayak. If you’re uncomfortable you’ll only go on short trips, or not at all. Since the Blackfoots are designed for all-day expeditions and fishing trips, Aquaglide have provided really comfortable mesh-on-frame seats. We do mean comfortable, more comfortable than some sofas! Yet they’re also supportive, height-adjustable and don’t get in the way of paddling.

The other bonus with these seats is when you land at that distant cove, accessible only by small boat, you can take them out and use them on the beach! 

So Much is Included!

Aquaglide Blackfoot kayaks are not cheap, but you do get a lot for your money. Besides the hull (with its excellent build quality), and the fantastic seats (as mentioned above), there’s also a capacious insulated cooler (for your lunch and/or catch), oversize backpack/storage bag made from durable padded material, footrests, skeg, and so on.

Another inclusion that really stands out from the competition is the abundance of universal mounting plates (rigid threaded fittings). These mean you can outfit your Blackfoot with almost limitless aftermarket accessories… the most common being rod holders, camera equipment, and electric motor mounts. And you don’t have to fiddle about with gluing things on, because everywhere you might want to mount something there’s a plate ready for you: bow, stern, side tubes and floor.

Aquaglide Blackfoot Nestaway Boats

What can I do in my Aquaglide Blackfoot?

Without wishing to sound flippant, if you have a Blackfoot it’s more likely the limitations will be you than your kayak! The huge carrying capacity, the bulletproof build quality, the reassuring stability… in the right hands, and within the limits of being a kayak, it’s a very capable craft. In rough conditions you can lower the seats (lowering your centre of gravity), open the drain valves, and keep going when others may well have to turn back.

If you have the experience, understand the effects of wind, current and waves, and are suitably equipped (clothing, buoyancy aids, radio, flares etc), there’s nothing to stop you taking your Blackfoot on expeditions exploring the coast, sea fishing, or even multi-day camping trips.

Aquaglide Blackfoot
Aquaglide Blackfoot 160

Why Buy an Aquaglide Blackfoot?

Put simply, there are very few – if any – other inflatable kayaks with the capability of an Aquaglide Blackfoot. One might call it “the paddling SUV of the sea”… not the fastest boat on the water, but always makes good progress. It will get you and all your gear there, reliably and without fuss, without bits falling off at random, and without scaring you. Its customisability in terms of fitting accessories makes it incredibly versatile.

We know that other sellers concentrate on the Blackfoot kayaks’ fishing/angling abilities, an area in which it excels. But it would be a mistake to think it’s “only for fishing”… the stability and capacity that anglers love make it a great boat for expeditions and exploration too. We have access to a lot of different boats, the Blackfoot is one of our favourites: we prefer to call it the INFLATABLE ADVENTURE KAYAK.

Aquaglide Blackfoot Nestaway Boats

MOTOR MOUNT for Aquaglide Blackfoots

As of May 2024 – not a very good picture yet, sorry – we’re working on a motor mount system for both sizes of Aquaglide Blackfoot kayak. It’s based on a commercially available system but with a few extra bits to make it fit. 

It’s rated for up to 2.5hp petrol motors, but this would be too much on a kayak. The ePropulsion eLite electric outboard (see ePropulsion eLite), at 500W and just 6.5kg inc battery, is very neat and has all the power you need (more really). This picture shows it during our experiments using a larger 1kW (1000W) ePropulsion Spirit PLUS, with the battery on an extension cable inside boat… it ran very nicely (and significantly faster than paddling) at just 100-150W.

The main advantages of this over the type you fit underneath the kayak is that it can be tilted up in shallow water, and the tiller (which controls both steering and power on the eLite outboard) sits right next to you in that very comfortable seat.

And no it’s not just a lazy option! It can be a lazy option if you want but adding a motor adds versatility and arguably safety too. Versatility because it means you can do things you otherwise wouldn’t, like motor up against a strong counter current and enjoy the paddle/drift back downstream later. Or motor at trolling speeds while you concentrate on catching fish. Safety because you can use it as a backup in case of tiredness or injury.

Call Ian on 07768 600595 for latest updates on this.

Aquaglide Blackfoot motor mount

How can we help?

We understand there is a lot of information to digest when trying to decide which product is for you. We have a lot of knowledge in this space and would love to help you make an impartial, informed decision.

Email: or Phone: 0800 999 2535


Spinera Hybris Kayak Specifications

Length - 320cm (10'6")
Beam - 90cm (3ft)
Total Weight - 13kg (29-lb)
Max load - 115kg (253-lb)
No. of people - 1
Box/folded size - 70x45x27cm
Length - 410cm (13'8")
Beam - 90cm (3ft)
Total Weight - 15kg (33-lb)
Max load - 200kg (440-lb)
No. of people - 1 or 2
Box/folded size - 85x54x27cm
Length - 500cm (16'5")
Beam - 90cm (3ft)
Total Weight - 17kg (37-lb)
Max load - 285kg (625-lb)
No. of people - up to 3
Box/folded size - 88x54x36cm

Which size Spinera Hybris is right for me?

Hybris 320
The 10ft 6″ 3.2m “320” is supplied with a single seat and is generously-sized for even quite large single padders (up to 115 kg). Note that this is longer than some cheap inflatable kayaks that are sold as suitable for two or even three people (but where do your legs go?!)
Hybris 410
The 13ft 6″ 4.1m “410” is supplied with two seats and has plenty enough room for most couples, but not a huge amount of other stuff. You’d get a picnic on board but not weekend camping equipment. The 410 can also be set up as a really nice spacious single, and as such will be faster than a 320 (as long as you don’t use the extra room to put lots more stuff in it and make it heavier!)
Hybris 500
The 16ft 5" 5m “500” comes with three full adult seats and the legroom to go with them. Of course you could chuck a couple of small kids in the middle instead. Some customers never use the third seat, but buy the 500 as a “really spacious double” with extra legroom, space for a dog, picnic basket, beer cooler, tent etc.

What is included?

Kayak only
All Spinera Hybris kayaks include seat(s), two skegs, a generously-sized backpack, and a repair kit. Please Note that Paddle(s) & Pump are not included in the basic kayak price, as customers often already have their own. UK Mainland Delivery for Kayaks only, £20
Package deal
Our Package Deals are very good value, including one, two or three (depending on model) four-part asymmetric blade paddles – which fit in the backpack – and a stirrup pump suitable for inflating the high pressure floor. These are good quality accessories not “free throw-ins”. UK Mainland Delivery for Spinera kayak packages £25



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