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ePropulsion Navy Electric Outboards

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Product Description


NAVY 6.0 and NAVY 3.0
NAVY outboards series include NAVY 6.0 and NAVY 3.0. NAVY 6.0 delivers 6kw of input power, equivalent to 9.9HP in terms of propulsion. Its excellent design received IF Design Award 2015. NAVY 3.0 delivers 3kw of input power with similar appearance to NAVY 6.0. Both products look elegant, support remote/tiller control and deliver high performance. They are both ideal choices for cruising, fishing and other on-water activities.

One Tiller Controls All
NAVY Tiller Handle is designed for stepless forward/reverse speed and heading control. Its 105° rotatable grip has excellent manuverability. Kill switch and LED screen also add color to its intelligent performance. Attach the tiller to the outboard to start overall control of speed and heading!

Freedom with Remote Control
Wireless NAVY remote controller is designed to control both forward/reverse speed. It can replace a NAVY Tiller Handle with all the same features except for steering. Use a steering wheel together with this remote controller to embrace the feeling of being a real captain!

Intelligence and Safety
Both remote and tiller control are intelligent and protective with these excellent features.

Both remote controller and tiller handle have a solar panel, which provides constant solar power for the built-in lithium battery on sunny days.     NAVY is integraded with a GPS module indicating essential cruising information on the LCD screen.     Tie the lanyard to your wrist or life vest. In case of emergency, you can easily detach the magnetic kill switch from the controller.     The integrated display offers live feedback for cruising including remaining battery capacity, real-time velocity, input power, etc.
Excellent Waterproof Structure
With all the key components of NAVY outboard motors satisfying the waterproofness grade of IP67, both NAVY 3.0 and NAVY 6.0 can remain unaffected even if falling overboard by accident.

NAVY 3.0 Motor
The high quality brushless DC motor is placed inside the bottom aluminum case of NAVY 3.0. Its gearbox free design eliminates noise effectively and avoids maintenance concerns associated with other motors in the market with gearbox design. The built-in motor protection slows and/or stops the motor when it strikes an underwater object by accident.

NAVY 6.0 Motor
The high quality brushless DC motor is placed inside the top case of NAVY 6.0. ePropulsion first apply advanced closed-loop liquid cooling technology in electric outboards. This liquid cooling system carries away heat generated by the motor and driver more efficiently compared with traditional cooling method. This closed-loop system also avoids constant system maintenance.

Upgraded Propeller
This propeller is enhanced to avoid underwater crash. The system automatically detects any rotating stall and stops once it knocks into hard objects or getting entangled by the water plants or ropes.
Plug-and-Play Connectors

The connectors used to join the NAVY electric outboard motor and the NAVY Battery are not only easy to connect with each other – just plug one connector into the other, but also bind tightly once connected which ensures constant and stable input of electricity.

Dual Remote Control
When two NAVY outboards are used simultaneously, this two-in-one dual remote controller can easily achieve effective control of both the outboards and displays real-time information of each outboard such as current speed, voltage, battery information, etc. on the dual screen.

Power Supply
The NAVY outboard motor can get power supply from this 3042Wh NAVY Battery. Usually, one NAVY Battery is required to supply power for NAVY 3.0 and two NAVY Batteries connected in parallel is required to supply power for NAVY 6.0.


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