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ePropulsion Navy Electric Outboards

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Product Description

Epropulsion Navy 3kW outboard on 12ft dinghy

Epropulsion Navy 3 outboard underwater

Epropulsion NAVY 6.0 & NAVY 3.0 outboards
Epropulsion’s higher power NAVY outboards are available in 3 and 6 kW (kilowatt) outputs. Whilst the two motors look similar, the power delivery method is quite different: the Navy 3 has its motor in the bulb at the bottom of the leg; the 6 has its motor at the top with a driveshaft running down the leg and operating the propeller via a right angle gearbox (more like a petrol outboard). Both look very modern, support remote or tiller controls and deliver high performance. They are great choices for dinghies, small yachts, fishing boats and other on-water activities.

Tiller or Remote Versions
You buy the motor as a standalone item, then choose either a Tiller handle or a Remote Control. Both operate wirelessly, and duplicate the same functions – in terms of speed, forward/reverse, and information LCD – so if you buy one and later decide the other would also be useful (perhaps on a different boat), that’s not a problem.


Tiller Versions
The NAVY Tiller handle (shown in most pictures on this page) is designed for stepless forward/reverse speed and heading control, and can operate the motor with or without a wired connection. The built-in LCD shows speed, range, battery capacity and input power. A magnetic kill cord fits on top for safety, and a small solar panel charges the battery for the LCD.

Remote Versions
The NAVY remote control (right) can replace the function of a NAVY Tiller Handle, with all the same features – including the LCD and kill cord – except steering. Again the connection can be wired or wireless, depending on what suits your installation best. For steering the remote control version, there is a mounting bracket on the motor for connection to conventional marine steering systems (the cable, console, wheel and so on are not included as these will be specific to your boat).

You can also lock the steering, in situations where you wish to use the boat’s rudder for directional control.

Epropulsion Navy battery 3042Wh

Both motors can be powered by conventional lead acid battery banks. But by far the best performance will be achieved if connected to Epropulsion’s lithium Navy battery. These are much more “energy dense” than lead acid batteries, and unlike lead acid you can use the full capacity without detriment to the battery’s lifespan. They also cope much better with the high current draw involved with powering 3 or 6kW motors. At 32kg, with a capacity of 3042Wh, they are approximately quarter of the weight of an equivalent lead acid battery bank (in terms of usable power).

The Navy 3 can be powered from one of these batteries, the Navy 6 requires two to achieve full power (the maximum current from a single battery is not sufficient to supply 6kW).

Eprop Navy 3 sunset web

Eprop Navy 3 on 26ft yacht

What Performance will I get?

This of course depends almost entirely on the boat, and conditions you’re motoring in! As a general guide the Navy 3 should get a 10 foot inflatable dinghy with three people on board up to speeds of 8 to 9 knots, but not quite on the plane. And a Navy 6 will get the same dinghy on the plane, but only one-up. All in near-silence, so it feels blissfully smooth and effortless.

But where they are truly impressive is pushing displacement vessels up to hull speed. In the trial set up shown here (the battery would normally be in a much safer location!), with a Navy 3 on a 26ft yacht weighing about 2 tons, we got the following: 4 knots at 750W output (16 nautical mile range on one battery, or 32 with two batteries); 4.5 knots at 1000W output (13.5nm single battery, 27nm two batteries), 5 knots at 1500W output (10 or 20nm), 6 knots at 3000W output (6 or 12nm).

Eprop Navy 3 lifestyle 2 web

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For technical drawings of the Epropulsion Navy 3 click here: Epropulsion Navy 3 tech drawings

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