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DinghyGo Sailing Inflatables

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Product Description

DinghyGo Orca 325

DinghyGo make innovative inflatable dinghies that can be motored, rowed, AND SAILED. Unlike some previous sailing inflatables, the large, deep, and central daggerboard (keel) means they make good progress to windward, and they have all been designed to be quick and easy to assemble.

The latest (2020 model year) Orca models all have tough high-pressure dropstitch fabric floors with V-shaped underwater sections at the bow, for even better sailing performance than previous models. The tubes are built from German-made Valmex material., and the whole boat is put together by one of the largest inflatable boat manufacturers in the world.

When used without the rig, DinghyGo boats also work well as great quality inflatables for everyday use, with excellent stability, huge carrying capacity and the ability to plane under power, using motors up to 6hp.. They have proven popular in both the yacht tender market, and as ultra-portable sailing craft for the motorhome and camping markets.

PLEASE NOTE: DINGHYGO announced almost entirely new range for 2020 at Dusseldorf Boat Show (18-26 Jan). ALL DinghyGo models are now in the black and white “Orca” livery, but we have retained some pictures of earlier models to show the versatile nature of these craft and their sailing rigs (which are broadly similar).

DinghyGo inflatables are available in three sizes:

– the Orca 280, at 2.8m (9ft 2″) long
– the Orca 325, at 3.25m (10ft 7″) long
– the Orca 375, at 3.75m (12ft 3″) long (sold out for 2020)

All sail surprisingly well for sailing inflatables but the sailing performance improves as you go up the size range. The Orca 280 is an updated version of the popular (earlier model) Nomad 275, a good all-rounder and often chosen by yacht crews seeking a practical tender (capable of carrying four adults in motoring mode) with an added element of fun. The Orca 325 steps things up a bit, with a taller rig and a proportionately more slender hull. And lastly the Orca 375, with the same beam (width) but nearly another 2ft longer is more streamlined still, and the only model to feature a jib (front sail).

There is now an optional SAIL KIT UPGRADE for the Orca 280 and earlier Nomad 275. This comprises a 4.8m sail (23% more area) and the necessary components to increase mast height etc.

Nestaway Boats Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor for DinghyGo products.

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DinghyGo photo


The sailing rigs have sectional aluminium spars, such that the packed length is only 125cm (4ft 2″). The hull bag is shorter still, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find somewhere to store your DinghyGo, whether it’s on a yacht (in a locker, down a quarter berth); in a motor home (on a spare bunk, or in rear “garage” if available); or at home (shed, garage, perhaps even an under-stair cupboard!).

As for transport, here you can see the two packed bags for a DinghyGo Nomad 275 (very similar to the Orca 280), together with an outboard, in the back of a VW Golf hatchback. NB These were “real world” packed sizes, not vacuum-packed from the factory! The compression straps on the hull bag aid greatly with expelling the air from the hull.

This ability to fit in two compact bags makes them “the world’s most portable sailing craft“. The heaviest package (which is the 9ft hull) is only 26kg: most adults can lift that on their own, and it’s easy for two.

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DinghyGo 2 on beach, in motorboat mode - she will easily carry a family of four.
DinghyGo 2 on beach, in motorboat mode – she will easily carry a family of four.


The DinghyGo is a high quality, well-built general-purpose inflatable dinghy that can be rowed, motored and sails remarkably well. Many UK customers will be reminded of the popular Tinker Tramp & Traveller range – DinghyGo is their spiritual successor. But the sailing rig is much quicker and easier to set up, as it doesn’t require any supporting wires. Design/materials move on: we actually think it’s a better general purpose dinghy/tender, too – and it’s significantly lighter (275/9ft compared with Tinker Tramp).

“Not since the renowned Tinker range of sailing inflatables disappeared some years ago has there been such a multi-functional dinghy available for use as a tender.” YACHTING MONTHLY, Sept 2015

Going Out to Sea?

The centre thwart and mast support can be left out on days you don’t want or need the sailing rig, leaving more internal space. (The daggerboard case rolls down and seals, like a drybag.)

DinghyGo sailing dinghies are rated Category D, ie: Wind Conditions up to force 4 on the Beaufort scale (max 28kmph); and significant Wave Heights up to 0.3m with occasional waves of up to 0.5m (eg from passing vessels).

A self-bailer is fitted in the transom, to empty out any spray etc you may take on board while motoring at speed.

Perfect Conditions: blasting along on a broad reach!
Perfect Conditions: blasting along on a broad reach!


Nobody claims they are racing dinghies, but they are good fun to sail. Sailing Today Magazine trialled the DinghyGo 2 (275) – a predecessor of the Nomad – in their October 2013 group test of portable boats;

“she made decent headway to windward – not always the case with sailing inflatables… a true all-rounder”.


The phenomenal stability is also very reassuring, especially when we were first testing one ourselves, in the winter months!

“Thanks to her V-shaped inflatable floor and daggerboard she pointed surprisingly well for a flubber – around 50deg off apparent wind – in the Force 4 conditions we tried her.” YACHTING MONTHLY (Sept 2015)
“Subsequent to the testing day I had two- and five-year-old nephews to keep occupied on a trip to the beach, and the DinghyGo proved an absolute hit with its sail, high sides and stability” SAILING TODAY, Oct 2013
“We are very pleased with our DinghyGo… build quality is good… easy to set up and dismantle… works well… I would definitely recommend it to other people.” PL, from their yacht in Porto, part-way through a year's Atlantic Circuit



DinghyGo Orca 280

Hull dimensions:
– length 9ft 2″ (280cm)
– beam 4ft 9″ (145cm)
– draft 2ft 8″ (85cm), keel down

– persons 4 adults rowing/motoring, 2 sailing
– max payload 500kg (1100 lb)
– max outboard 4.5kW (6hp)

Rig dimensions:
– mast length 11ft 3″ (345cm)
– sail area 42 sq ft (3.9m2)

Packed sizes:
– Boat bag 44x26x16″, 60-lb (112x65x40cm, 27kg)
– Sail bag 50x18x8″, 31-lb (125x45x18cm, 14kg)


DinghyGo S (220cm)

Hull dimensions:
– length 7ft 3″ (220cm)
– beam 4ft 9″ (145cm)
– draft 2ft 10″ (85cm)

– persons 3 adults
– max payload 350kg (770 lb)
– max outboard 2.6kW (3.5hp)

Rig dimensions:
– mast length 10ft 10″ (329cm)
– sail area 34 sq ft (3.2m2)

Packed sizes:
– Boat bag 44x23x12″, 53-lb
(112x59x30cm, 24kg)
– Sail bag 50x18x8″, 33-lb
(125x45x18cm, 15kg)

dinghygo planing hr

Under power, DinghyGo will plane one-up with motors of 4hp (as seen here) and larger… Put 8hp on the back, and she’ll turn into a rocket ship!

dinghygo sailing

Sail with Confidence: DinghyGo’s central daggerboard and rudder make for easy and precise handling in close proximity to other boats, mooring buoys, pontoons etc.

Dinghy Go sailing two women

DinghyGo 275 provides comfortable and reassuring stability.

DinghyGo blue child alone sailing

DinghyGo S is simple to sail, even for children. The superb stability is reassuring (for both kids and parents!). The side-mounted oars are out of the way but always there if the wind drops to nothing, or they end up too far downwind/tide!

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Call 0800 999 2535 (free from UK landlines and most mobiles) or Email or fill in our online contact form.

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