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Torqeedo Cruise Outboards

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Product Description


torqeedo outboard engine, wake of boat close up

The Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 and 4.0 are powerful and exceptionally efficient, making them some of the – if not the – most advanced electric outboards in the world.

There are eight different models, the variables being:
– Power (2 or 4kW)
– Tiller or remote control (models suffixed “T” or “R” accordingly)
– Shaft length (standard or long)
One of the main and for many people most important differences is that the Cruise 2.0 models use a 24 volt supply

torqeedo cruise motor

whilst the Cruise 4.0 versions use a 48 volt supply. This means the Cruise 2.0 can be connected to two conventional batteries wired in series (or one Torqeedo lithium battery) while the 4.0 requires four batteries (or two of the Torqeedo batteries).

The tiller-controlled Cruise T version is the simplest and easiest to install, just clamp it on your transom and connect to your battery (or batteries).

IMPORTANT: The newest “Cruise” models (since 2015) look very similar to their predecessors but have several important modifications, including an aluminium motor casing rather than plastic. The confusingly-similar-name Cruise 2 Tiller is a pre-2012 design that is not fully waterproof and does not have the LCD control panel/GPS. If you see a very good offer on a “Cruise 2” check what motor they are actually offering… also as with all Torqeedo products this is leading edge technology and they make updates to components/software – you want one that’s new, not been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. Everything we sell is latest model unless we tell you otherwise.

The remote-control version still clamps on but is is designed for slightly more permanent installations, for use with steering consoles etc.

torqeedo remote throttle
Remote throttle, Cruise 2.0/4.0R
torqeedo cruise remote control version motor

The remote control incorporates a GPS-driven LCD display – battery charge, speed, range, power draw – and a magnetic kill switch for safety. (On the new tiller versions these features are incorporated in the tiller arm.)

Generally speaking the other components – propeller, mounting bracket, shaft, motor etc – are the same for tiller and remote versions.


Other than being electric the Cruise models have very little relationship to the somewhat weedy “trolling motors” made by other electric outboard manufacturers. Trolling motors are designed for slow speed use once you have reached your intended fishing ground under main engine; Torqeedo Cruise motors are designed as main propulsion units and will even get the right sort of hull “on the plane”:

torqeedo motor boat on the plane on a lake
torqeedo electric outboard battery cruise

Whilst they are still not cheap the only way to achieve this sort of performance with electric drive, before Torqeedo introduced the Cruise motors, was a custom installation (which is vastly more expensive).

A very important consideration with the Torqeedo Cruise motors is the batteries. At full chat the 2kW version will be drawing approx 80 amps (at 24 volts). An ideal installation with lead acid batteries would require something like eight 100 amp hour batteries, weighing about 200kg in total, and requiring a considerable amount of space.

The latest model (2019 onward) Torqeedo Power 24-3500 lithium manganese battery is a brilliant alternative. Rated at 24 volts, with a 146 amp hour capacity, it is nominally equivalent to four 12 volt 75 amp hour lead acid batteries – and weighs only slightly more than one of them! But it’s even better than that, because lead acid batteries should not be discharged below 50%, whilst the Torqeedo can be fully discharged; ie it has twice the usable capacity so is effectively equivalent to six of those 12 volt lead acids. And it can discharge at a much faster continuous rate, without damage. So it’s much lighter, uses much less space and is much better suited to the job; the only disadvantage is price (£2,599 plus charger £359 or fast 2hr charger £1599).


torqeedo electric outboard on a RIB

Note – Torqeedo make frequent modifications to their products. All motors supplied by us will be the latest version, unless we advise you otherwise. We would not advise buying a pre-2015 manufactured Cruise motor unless you can negotiate a significant discount – the most recent upgrades are significant and worthwhile.

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We will be happy to demonstrate Torqeedo products to you, usually on one of our boats and in Christchurch or Poole harbours, but if we have done this do ask that you give us the opportunity to price match those who do not offer this service.

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Cruise 4.0T will achieve planing speeds of up to 12 knots (24kmph!)
torqeedo cruise electric outboard tiller close up

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