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Ultralight Inflatable SUPs – Spinera

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Product Description


Ultralight Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) 

We hesitated for a long time about SUPs… we just couldn’t see what we had to offer that would make us “a bit different”. Unless you go very specialist, once you read through the marketing hype, inflatable stand-up paddleboard ranges are remarkably similar to each other.

Unlike inflatable kayaks – where there are three distinct construction methods – ALL inflatable SUPs are basically made from a piece of high-pressure dropstitch material, with some additional material on top, bottom and sides for structure and branding purposes. The number of factories that actually make nearly all the paddleboards in the world, is remarkably small (in single figures).

But these Spinera SUPs – from a newish brand with a very experienced team behind it – are astonishingly light, without sacrificing strength, stiffness or durability. The secret is a new type of multi-layer fabric where the layers are fused (heat welded or effectively surface-melted) together, rather than glued. Only the topmost layer (the colour and pictures bit) is not integrated into the structure. If you think about it, on a paddle board that’s 3m long and a metre wide, that’s 6 square metres of glue (3 top and 3 bottom) per layer, which adds up to a really surprising amount (and weight) of glue.

The fused layers in the fabric Spinera uses are 100% bonded over the entire area at same strength, without added weight.

Some other very well-known brands do use this technology, but only for their “top-of-the-range” boards, priced accordingly… it’s easy to spend well over £1000.

Besides the weight, the price of these Spinera Ultralight SUPs is astonishing. We actually had to check with the supplier that there was not a mistake, but he says they are indeed aggressively priced because as a late entrant to the market they feel they need to sell at way below “established brand” margins in order to get market share.

OUR SPINERA ULTRALIGHT SUP PRICES INCLUDE, as standard: Paddleboard, Paddle, Paddle Leash, Two Fins, Pump, Storage/Carry Bag. Everything you need to get going!


Your eyes are not deceiving you, the weights are correct!

Why is the Weight of a SUP Important?

To be fair, once you’re on the water, the difference between a 6kg SUP and a 10 or even 12kg SUP is barely noticeable, because what you have to push through the water is a combination of your own weight AND your Stand Up Paddleboard. If you weigh 85kg then we’re talking about pushing 91kg or 95kg through the water (less than 5% difference in the total).

When the weight will notice is all the rest of the time. When you’re lifting it in and out of the water, carrying it to the beach, hauling it on and off your yacht, trying to take it as luggage on a plane, for example. Kids or grandkids can probably carry a 6kg thing, but may struggle with a 10kg thing.

And, the multi-layer fused fabric that Spinera use is also less bulky than a glued construction material with the same number of material layers. Obvious really, each of the glue layers has a certain thickness and stiffness to it. So as well as being lighter, they’re smaller to pack.


Spiner Ultralight Spec table 2021

What’s So Good about SUPs Anyway?!

If you’re not already a convert, sorry, we can only (and annoyingly!) say it’s just one of those things you have to try. Until we tried it, we always thought we’d prefer a kayak, something you can sit down in/on to embark upon your water-based adventures. Indeed in some situations we’d say that remains true, kayaks are highly adaptable. But when it’s calm, and the sun is warm, a paddleboard gives you a unique perspective, even on waterways you’ve travelled many times before… It’s Like Walking on Water.

And a SUP – especially a lightweight one – must be just about the easiest way to get out on the water that’s ever been invented. With weights from just 6kg, and tiny pack sizes, these truly are boats (if you can call them boats) that can be taken anywhere… you don’t need a trailer (nor necessarily even a car), you don’t need slipway access, and there is nothing complicated to go wrong. Blow it up, stick it in the water, paddle.

As with all sports, the right technique will make it easier. How to hold your paddle correctly, how to paddle (it should NOT all be in your arms), how to get back on if you fall off, etc. The learning curve is pretty quick, don’t give up after 10 minutes! Whilst it is certainly not essential – and YouTube may also be helpful – an hour or two of personal instruction will fast forward you into more adventurous endeavours. There are lots of SUP Schools, one that we’d recommend if you’re in Devon, or fancy a trip there to learn while you admire the spectacular River Teign, is SUP Experience

Early indications are that these fantastic value, ultra lightweight SUPs are likely to be very popular. Whilst our stock won’t be here until March, we already have a sample here (January 2021), and they really are very good. In fact astonishingly good for the money, and what’s included (pretty much everything you need!). If you want to make sure you are one of the first UK customers to get one, there is now a deposit option to reserve stock (5th option down at top of page).


The 11ft 2″ model weighs 7.3kg and is suitable for paddlers up to 110kg. 


The 10ft6″ model weighs 6.7kg and is suitable for paddlers up to 95kg. 


The 9ft 10″ model weighs 6.2kg and is suitable for paddlers up to 80kg.


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