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SpearFish Fast Efficient Inflatables

  • SF15 pro stern
  • £75.00£1,950.00


Product Description

SpearFish range

SpearFish Boats are relatively long and narrow roll-up inflatables. Their unique shape makes them very easily-driven, which means you can achieve decent speeds with relatively small (lightweight and inexpensive) outboard motors. And because the deflated boats fit in a bag (that fits in most car boots), you won’t need a trailer or mooring.

This all makes for a highly portable, and refreshingly affordable, means to get afloat.

For example, with a 6hp motor the 450 (15ft) model will do 14-15 knots with two adults on board, when a typical-shape inflatable dinghy would be languishing in single figures. The ride is also remarkably comfortable – she slices through the tops of waves, rather than bouncing over them. And the stability is also very good, because as soon as she heels a few degrees.there is an immense amount of “push back” from those long (4.5m long) side tubes.

As David Parker, in PRACTICAL BOAT OWNER Magazine summarised: “It is certainly both very quick, and a lot of fun.”

Why the emphasis on smaller outboards? Well, smaller engines are cheaper to buy, cheaper to run (fuel/servicing costs) and, perhaps the number one factor, lighter. As one customer put it:

 “If you need a portable boat, you need a portable engine too“.

Outboard motors up to 6hp are a comfortable one-person lift (13-27kg); 8 & 10hp motors are just about manageable (lightest is 37kg). We’ll say it again: the SpearFish 15 will reach speeds of 12-15 knots with two adults on board, on just 6hp. Very few other boats can do that, let alone roll-up inflatables (we can’t think of any). And of course it’s even faster if you’re boating solo.

The 450/15ft model will take up to three adults (or two and two children), but if you are going to go out frequently with more than two adults then you may wish to consider the 550/18ft. It’s a metre longer, 20cm wider (which actually gives it nearly double the volume), and able to take motors up to 10hp. The 550 still goes very well with 6hp, but if you can cope with the weight something like the Tohatsu 9.8 (37kg) is much quieter and smoother (two cylinders rather than one).

There is also now the 450WB, a version of the 450 that’s 12cm wider. That doesn’t sound much but because everything else (tube diameter etc) is the same it actually gives 25% more internal space than a standard 450, and of course a bit more stability. It’s not quite as efficient, but everything in life (especially boating) is a compromise!

And lastly the NEW-for-2020 310/10ft model is in response to several yacht owners who like the look of SpearFish but can’t easily accommodate the extra length. At 145cm wide the 310 is still much more slender and streamlined than a typical inflatable, but wider than the other SpearFish to gain sufficient volume/stability in this role. More on the 310 towards bottom of this page.

SpearFish 450 family fun

spearfish inflatable canoe

Alongside decent carrying capacity, low power planing, and portability, we also wanted a boat that had reasonable ability in waves. Even if you’re a committed “fair weather sailor” it’s always possible to get caught out in conditions rougher than you intended, if wind or tide change for example. So we’ve built in a V-shaped hull underwater at the bow. This is made by forcing the high-pressure drop-stitch floor into the desired shape, which also has the desirable side effect of making the hull very stiff. (Flat-bottomed boats are fine on completely flat water, but not fine if you’re heading into waves.)

spearfish logo

SpearFish 550 18ft

And if you’re going to be able to go out in waves, deliberately or not, it might get “splashy”, so we also wanted a sheltered area at the bow. We didn’t want that to involve fiddling about with a frame, with small bits to lose, so it’s a fully-integrated canopy with inflatable tube supports. As it turned out the V-floor and high bow tubes of the SpearFish makes her a very “dry” boat anyway, but we retained the canopy idea as it helps with aerodynamics and provides some shelter from the wind. (Also it seems, a place that young children like to play in – and if they’re happy you will be!)

WHAT ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS SAID about his SpearFish: SpearFish testimonial (1Mb PDF)


Here we can see the folded SpearFish fitting comfortably in the boot of a VW Golf hatchback – with the rear seats still up. A small outboard (in this case a Tohatsu 3.5hp) will also fit on top. This then is a complete boating package for all the family, that fits in a family hatchback, with room for the family too. 


SpearFish 550 18ft OH
Spearfish Inflatable Motor Canoe, 15ft


Standard specification includes: tubes made from German-made Valmex multi-layer fabric; high pressure drop-stitch lower hull with V-shape at bow; integral inflatable bow canopy; stirrup inflation pump; pair of oars/rowlocks; lifelines all round; strong towing/mooring eye and lifting handles; outboard bracket.

NEW 2020! SpearFish 310, boat only, £1250 IN STOCK
– Yacht tender pack
comprising 4x lifting points, 2x additional towing eyes (to make a bridle), add £80

SpearFish 450/15, boat only, £1,450 SORRY SOLD OUT UNTIL 2021

NEW 2020! SpearFish 450WB, boat only, £1550 (new slightly wider version, info above) Red ones in stock, grey ones due mid November (2020)

SpearFish 550/18, boat only, £1950 Grey & Green in stock


Options for all SpearFish include:
– Epropulsion Spirit PLUS 1kW electric outboard.
Will drive any SpearFish at speeds of up to about 5.5 knots, delightfully quiet and easy to use, minimum range 7 miles (more like 15 miles if you slow down to 4.5 knots). Very popular at the moment, particularly with 310 and 450/450WB. £1600
– Tohatsu 6 petrol outboard.
A great little motor, weight 26kg, will easily get 450/450WB and 550 on the plane with two adults on board. £950
– Tohatsu 9.8 petrol outboard. As long as you can cope with the weight (37kg) this is a lovely smooth (twin cylinder) petrol motor, suitable for 550 only, £1750
– Transport Cart. Effectively a big kayak/canoe trolley that fits underneath the boat. We were looking at transom wheels, but this is actually better, because you can put the wheels part way along the boat making it counterbalanced and very easy to move along. £99

SpearFish cushions & bag

– 12V Electric Pumps. Not massively quicker than manual pumping, but definitely easier… We recommend the two-stage (compressor for volume, then piston for pressure) Bravo BTP12 which is self-regulating, ie you set the pressure on a dial, and it switches off when it gets there. Price £125, inc if you buy it from us the right adapter (not included as standard)!
– Cushions/underseat bag set. Three cushions (or two longer ones for 310) that fit on top of the seats, plus one bag that suspends underneath one of them. The bag is removable so you can take it with you. £75 for the set (not yet available for 450WB, price/spec tbc)

Length: 3.1m
Beam: 1.45m
Tube diameter: 34cm
Hull weight: 26kg
Weight Capacity: 320kg
Max engine: 5hp
Folded size: 105x50x30cm

Length: 4.5m
Beam: 1.1m
Tube diameter: 34cm
Hull weight: 28kg
Weight Capacity: 450kg
Max engine: 6hp
Folded size: 80x50x40cm

Length: 4.5m
Beam: 1.22m
Tube diameter: 34cm
Hull weight: 29kg
Weight Capacity: 450kg
Max engine: 6hp
Folded size: 90x50x40cm

Length: 5.5m
Beam: 1.3m
Tube diameter: 34cm
Hull weight: 36kg
Weight Capacity: 600kg
Person Capacity: 5 adults
Max engine: 10hp
Folded size: 95x60x50cm

Nestaway Spearfish 15 with Suzuki 5hp

In the picture below, on the left is a fairly well known “conventional shape” inflatable dinghy (a 3.2m, 11ft version), often described as a “performance sports boat”. On the right is a SpearFish 450 (15ft). Assuming the same engine power and load, you can probably guess which one is easier-driven and faster; slams less when it hits waves; and gives a smoother (and drier) ride…

Hull shape comparison

BELOW: Perfect for a spot of fishing… and plenty of stability to stand up and cast.

SF450 red fish

The “official” capacity rating is 3 adults, or 2 and 2 children. But if the children are small, and if like here it’s a river trip on a calm day… more is probably fine! The maximum weight capacity – people, engine, stuff – is 450kg and even that’s quite conservative.

SpearFish 450 family fun

Man and SpearFish exploring the coastline, close in to the cliffs.

SF450R cliffs

SpearFish, with her low drag hull, is almost certainly one of the best inflatable rowing boats ever built. Shown here with a single paddler, the balance is even better with a tilted outboard – or a second person – at the stern.

SF450R rowing

As several divers have observed, SpearFish would make a fine support vessel and – particularly if you have a red one – doubles up as an unmissable surface marker.

SF450R diving

SpearFish 450 family beach

SpearFish 450 green beach

SF450 15ft grey

SpearFish 310 Yacht tender


A lot of yachtsmen liked the look of SpearFish boats – in particular the high, pointed bow and bow canopy as standard – but simply could not accommodate their length for use as a tender. The 310 is our response to that, it retains most of the SpearFish features you know and love but in a shorter, wider format. The “boat-shaped bow” still pushes through waves much more easily (and less splashily) than a conventional-shape inflatable, and as a result is particularly well-suited to the 1kW electric outboards (Torqeedo, Epropulsion) that are becoming so popular in this market. The 310 will plane with a petrol outboard, but it excels at the displacement speeds you can achieve with electric outboards, and which are legal/sociable in most places people actually use their yacht tender. (The more typical inflatable dinghy is really designed to plane, and at displacement speeds those low, fat bows are wet when you’re driving into any kind of chop.)

The 310 is now in stock (June 2020)

SpearFish 310 tender with Epropulsion

The SpearFish 310 (above) is a much drier and more comfortable boat at displacement speeds – eg in harbour and/or with electric outboards – than “conventional inflatables”

SpearFish 310 tender side view


NEW! 450WB. The slightly wider version of the original 450; 10cm wider for a 25% increase in internal space. Red ones in stock, grey ones due mid-November (2020).


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