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The Portable Electric MotorYak


We’ve now found a way to fit the Torqeedo Ultralight electric kayak motor to our favourite inflatable kayak, the Aquaglide Chelan. The result is smooth, quiet, effortless and fast – a delightful way to travel on the water – yet the whole kit still fits in your car boot.

And no (to the cynics amongst you!) this is NOT JUST A LAZY OPTION… adding an elecric motor to your kayak greatly increases its versatility. It means you can:
– Undertake longer journeys, without fear of exhaustion;
– Use your hands to cast a fishing rod, or take photographs, without having to stop;
– Carry non-paddling passengers (young, old, or canine);
– Power through conditions – eg a fast-running tide at the harbour mouth – that would otherwise limit your range;
– Keep up with faster boats or stronger paddlers.

On a calm summer’s day you could even turn the front seat round, so your passenger is facing you, sharing a picnic perhaps. All this in non-polluting near-silence, and still only a few inches above the water… in touch with the sights and sounds of nature in a way that’s only possible in a kayak.

It’s very easy to use, with all controls – steering, throttle and tilt up/down – led forward (no awkward twisting or precarious balancing). Tilted up the motor is entirely clear of the water and has zero effect on normal paddling. And the motor truly is “Ultralight” at only 7kg including the lithium battery.

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