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Torqeedo Travel 1003S & 1003L

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Product Description

The Torqeedo Travel 1003 is one of the most advanced small portable outboards in the world. We think it’s excellent but we do also know and understand its limitations; this page is not the usual re-quoted manufacturer blurb you’ll find elsewhere. And there is no point trying to hide the fact that Torqeedo no longer have this market to themselves; if you have not already seen it please read our Epropulsion Spirit motor page.

As of August 2018 we are – to the best of our knowledge – the only UK Dealer to stock both makes. There are many similarities between the two, but also some important differences. We have seen and tried both, quite extensively, and it’s only by stocking both we believe we can listen to what you want and recommend the one that will suit you better (rather than being a single brand dealer and forced to try and sell you that one!).

Let’s look first at the Torqeedo 1003 highlights:
High Power, 1000W. Almost all other portable electric outboards are classed as “trolling motors”.
VERY EASY to Use.Twist and go; no messing with a choke, pulling starting cord, or spilling petrol, etc.
– No Carburetor to “gum up” when stored. (Probably the most common problems with small petrol outboards.)
– LIGHTWEIGHT. Total weight approx 14kg, and it dismantles quickly into 3 pieces, of which the heaviest is only 9kg.
IP67 Waterproof, so even if you submerse them (up to 1m) they still work. Yes we’ve tried it. Brilliant for use on small boats!
Built-in GPS & Digital Display, showing battery charge state, speed, range and power draw.
QUIET! Not silent (the Epropulsion Spirit is quieter), but much quieter than a petrol motor.
Integral Battery, much like the fuel tank on a small petrol outboard.

And second our TORQEEDO 1003 PRICES (2018):
– Torqeedo 1003S (std shaft), 532Wh battery £1449 £1340 delivered
– NEW! Torqeedo 1003CS, 915Wh battery £1699 £1570 £1540 inc FREE 12V charger, 1003 Spares Kit, and UK Mainland delivery
– Torqeedo 1003S, two 532Wh batteries £1948 £1750
– CHANGE TO LONG SHAFT on any of the above £50 (extra)

We also throw a spare shear (drive) pin in with every Torqeedo 1003, as we think everybody should have one.

* See notes on specification changes lower down page. These are quite significant, and because we have fast turnover all our stock is October 2018 or newer. If you’re considering purchase elsewhere simply ask for the manufacturing date. If you see a better price for the same product – ie current model, current battery of same capacity – please call us and we’ll see what we can do. For example at Southampton Boat Show this year the Torqeedo 1003 was being offered with a 320Wh battery (normally only supplied with smaller motors); thus the “headline price” was very low but we’re not sure everyone was being made aware that with this 320Wh battery the run time on full power is less than 20 minutes!

CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE UK: Prices above include UK mainland delivery, not delivery to other countries, nor parts of UK defined as remote by couriers (their definition not ours!). We welcome enquiries from overseas but please be aware that international shipping of lithium batteries is difficult and expensive – we are happy to quote but shipping cost will depend on where you live. 

Also note, if you are thinking about “taking a Torqeedo with you” that lithium batteries of this size absolutely cannot be flown in passenger baggage. 

Torqueedo engine in action on the water

If you contact us you will be able to speak to somebody who has actually used a Torqeedo on the water, and can give genuine, useful (realistic!) advice about battery life, range, and whether your particular boat is suited to electric drive. If you are told the battery lasts 10 hours and the motor is equivalent to a 5hp petrol put the phone down – they either don’t understand the product or are lying!

We usually have stock: come and see a 1003, talk about it, touch it, and so on – then make a decision and take one away the same day if you want to! Contact us to arrange a time/date:
Mobile – 07768 600595
Tel – 0800 999 2535 (FREE from UK landlines)
Email –

(1) From mid-2015 the Torqeedo 1003 has been supplied with a battery that charges much faster, with the standard mains charger supplied. This is a really significant improvement: for the 532Wh battery it’s halved the charging time to 7hrs instead of 14. (And the newest 915Wh battery takes about 10hrs with this charger.)
(2) The 2015-onward model also ships with a USB adapter which means you can use the Torqeedo battery as a supply for your phone, camera, navigation light, etc whilst on the move. It’s a very simple, innocuous looking thing but cannot be retro-fitted to older batteries.
(3) October 2016 – you can now buy the new high capacity battery (915Wh, vs standard battery 532Wh) packaged with the motor. Previously it was only (officially) available as an extra, ie you had to buy the high capacity battery as an extra. Order ref for this version is 1003CS (or L for long shaft).

There have been many other changes over the years to the 1003: increased battery capacity, improved software, and a beefed-up transom clamp design. But current 2018 models have all those, AND a battery that can be charged in just 7 hrs (532Wh version), AND now the option to have a battery with 70% more capacity.