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Torqeedo Accessories

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Product Description

torqeedo carrying bags on deck

Torqeedo offer a very wide range of options and accessories to enhance your ownership experience. This page covers the most popular ones, please call us if you’re looking for other items not listed here.

Torqeedo 12V DC charger

12V DC charging lead
Of all Torqeedo accessories the one we sell most often with the Torqeedo 1003 is a 12V DC charging lead. This means if you’re on board a yacht or in a motorhome you don’t need to use an inverter to convert the 12V supply to mains and then back again (which is not very efficient). We thought a 12V DC charger was such a useful addition to the whole set-up that we used to make them ourselves, but after 5 years of us badgering them, Torqeedo have now added it to their own official options list. The end that connects to the battery is waterproof, the other end is a “cigar lighter socket” type plug (not waterproof). The 12V chargers take about 13hrs to recharge a completely flat 1003 battery (532Wh version) and are priced at £39



Storage/Carrying Bags
Specially tailored, padded bags to protect your 1003 motor and battery from whatever you’re storing them in (eg a locker that you chuck other things into), and vice versa (eg the nice leather seats in your car!). The 1003 is inherently more “hygienic” than any other outboard (no smell of petrol, no oil to leak out, etc), but putting it in these bags makes it even less offensive to those who are sensitive to such things. It also makes the components a lot easier and more comfortable to carry. The battery bag (on her right shoulder) is separate, so could also be used to protect a second battery when you’re out on the water. The two bags together are £199, or the battery bag can be purchased separately at £59.


Torqueedo outboard head cover

Head Cover
If you store your outboard outside – eg on a yacht’s pushpit – this smaller waterproof and breathable cover may also be useful. It’s designed to protect the top of your Torqeedo 1003 when the battery and tiller are removed. Main benefit is keeping the head clean (seagulls etc!) and preventing the motor cable from fading in sunlight. Torqeedo 1003 head cover £59



Remote Throttle
For use on craft with their own rudders (eg sailing dinghies) the 503 and 1003 can be locked in the straight ahead position, and tiller removed, and used with optional remote throttle. This includes a digital display similar to that built into the tiller, and controls both speed and direction (ie forward/reverse). £189


Longer Tiller
So you can sit further forward in boats that are sensitive to fore/aft trim (eg canoes). £39


Additional/Spare Batteries


The 1103 ships with a 915Wh capacity battery, spares of those are RRP £829, our price £750
And the 603 ships with a 500Wh capacity battery, spares of those are RRP £549 our price £500

As of Dec 2020 we believe the 915Wh batteries will work with the 603 and the 1103, but the 500Wh battery will only work with the 603.



Torqeedo Solar Panel
Another charging option is Torqeedo’s Sunfold 50 Solar Panel. Thanks to its efficient monocrystalline cells this makes it possible to charge your Torqeedo “off-grid”. Even powering your boat from solar power alone is possible, albeit at “dead slow”.

If you have previously rejected the Torqeedo solar panel on cost, this new one is slightly more powerful than the previous version, yet also half the price, and smaller. It folds in half for easier storage and is rated waterproof to IP65. (NB Compatible with 2015-onwards batteries only).

Measurements: Unfolded the solar panel measures 120x38cm, folded is 60x38cm. It’s area is 0.45m2 with an Output (peak) of 50W and 22% efficiency (very good). It weighs in at 2.4kg. Price: £559
(NB Compatible with 2015-onward batteries only)



Spare Magnetic Switch (“Kill Cord”) £19

Or for £10 extra we think you might as well have…


Torqeedo 503-603-1003-1103 Spares Kit (pictured, right) which includes a spare magnetic key switch (kill cord) battery locator pin and steering lock pin.One of those things you’ll probably never need, but will annoy you intensely not to have when you lose one or more of these items and can’t use your motor… £29



Bluetooth & Smartphone app – Torq Trac – SORRY NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
All current Torqeedo motors, including the 603/1103, have a GPS sensor, which sends data to the tiller or remote control LCD, so that it can display speed and range. This excellent new device takes that a massive step further, by utilising the rather larger colour screen of your smartphone. It can show speed, range and distance travelled or, on the map screen, a “range ring” indicates how far you can go on the remaining charge. Not quite the end of range anxiety, but certainly a big nail in its coffin. £229 SORRY NO STOCK, AVAILABILITY NOT KNOWN



Spare/Replacement Propeller
Hopefully you will never need one, and within the UK usually available within a couple of days, but if you’re going “off the beaten track” it might be worth keeping one in the spares locker. Supplied with a drive pin and lock nut. Please state whether it’s for a 1003 or an 1103 outboard (the propellers are different), in free text at end of order. £99



This isn’t an “official” Torqeedo item but is sized perfectly for most electric outboards nonetheless, including the Torqeedo 1003 &1103, and the Epropulsion Spirit (which it’s shown on here). Simply slide the slotted tube over the clamps and padlock the end (brass padlock included) to stop the clamps being undone. It won’t deter the truly determined thief, but it will make life more difficult for the casual passer-by thief “thinking about it”! £25

On the subject of security a lot of customers also worry about the battery – which is easily removable on both brands – but if you pass a bike cable through the handle and onto the same padlock again you have made a reasonable effort and hopefully the light-fingered rascals will move on elsewhere…

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Electric Outboards


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