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Tiwal High-performance Sailing Inflatables

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Product Description

New Tiwal 2

Tiwal make a range of high performance sailing inflatables that are fast, fun, and easy to use. Both come in two bags that will fit inside most vehicles or can be stored aboard yachts. (No trailer or roof rack hassle!)

“Make the best” was the design brief, so specification highlights include:
– Carbon fibre mast, sail(s) by North
– High-pressure drop-stitch fabric inflatable hull
– Aero-grade anodised aluminium “chassis” to take rig and daggerboard loads

There are Two Models:
– the new-for-2019 Tiwal 2. This is the smaller and simpler of the two, offering great performance and fast assembly (we had it together in 12 minutes, the second time we tried it). It really is easy to put together.
– the original Tiwal 3. This is a little larger, and faster in the right hands, but also takes a bit more time to assemble (mainly due to extra components in the framework)

Owners and press love them! Toby Hodges, in Yachting World, wrote of the Tiwal 3:
“The first proper PERFORMANCE inflatable sailing dinghy I have come across… a brilliant idea to ship aboard larger cruising yachts, or for anyone landlocked – no need for a trailer”

While Bear Grylls at BOAT INTERNATIONAL said (also of the Tiwal 3):
“You can make it work for you, whether you want a thrill ride or cruise around the bay… the whole experience is one of minimum fuss, minimum rigging, and maximum fun”[

The new Tiwal 2 was reviewed in the September 2019 issue of Yachting Monthly, in a group test of six portable sailing dinghies. They raved:
“by a good distance the favoured sailing dinghy of all those on test… genuinely feels like a small performance dinghy and inspires confidence to throw her around… the fastest boat to assemble…”

TIWAL 3 – THE NUMBERS (New Tiwal 2 details lower down this page)

– Length 3.2m (11ft)
– Width 1.6m (5ft 4″)
– Weight 50kg (111-lb)

Two bags measuring (each):
– 150x40x35cm (59x16x14″)

– Category D 190kg (418-lb) or two adults

The Tiwal 3 can be specified with a 5.2 or a 7m sail, both sails, or a reefable sail (from 7m down to 5.2m). In light airs with the 5.2m sail it’s relatively benign, fun for pottering and not too much of a handful for kids or beginners. With 7m in a breeze and someone who knows what they’re doing it will plane. More information on the Tiwal 3 here: TIWAL 3

How to assemble your Tiwal:

Tiwal assembly montage

No tools needed, and it only takes 20 minutes (record is 11 mins!)

TIWAL: Sail, Speed & Surf (is any other inflatable boat this much fun?)!

Tiwal 2 adult and child

TIWAL 2 – THE NUMBERS (Tiwal 3 details higher up this page)

– Length 2.75m (9ft 2″)
– Width 1.48m (4ft 11″)
– Weight 41kg (90-lb)

Two bags measuring:
– 145x40x35cm (57x16x14″)
– 110x40x25cm (43x16x10″)

– Category D 150kg (330-lb) one adult, or one adult and one child

The Tiwal 2 is offered with either a fixed size 5.6m sail (yellow or grey), or (new for 2020) a slightly larger grey 6m sail that’s reefable to 4.8m. It’s great fun to sail, and very quick to assemble – once you’ve done it a couple of times, it’s almost intuitive and all-but impossible to put parts in the wrong place.

Tiwal 2 sailing video here:

More information on the Tiwal 2 here: TIWAL 2

Tiwal 2 reefable sail


Overall the Tiwal 3 is the better sailing craft, with more carrying capacity and options, but the 2 – especially with the new larger (but reefable) sail option – is really not too far behind on the water and faster/easier to assemble (so will be on the water first if your race includes assembly!).

We would guess that those who need to assemble and take apart their boat frequently, or even every time they go out, will probably go for the 2; whereas those who can leave the boat assembled for a few days (eg at a campsite for a week) may prefer the 3. The 2 is also more compact in storage, and being a little shorter with fewer components, easier to handle on the deck of a yacht (or other applications with restricted space).


The recently-launched Tiwal 2 has been very well-received in the press:

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