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Point 65 Tequila Modular Kayaks

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Product Description

UPDATE 01 MAR 26 2021: POINT 65 TEQUILA MODULAR KAYAKS. The former UK importer has ceased to be the UK importer, so we are bringing a container load in ourselves, due late April. Last year kayaks became impossible to get hold of by about June – it was quite simple, demand exceeded supply – and the early signs are that it’s likely to be similar this year. If you place a deposit now, that reserves stock from the April container… we have sold some already from that batch but do currently have availability. 

Point 65 Tequila kayaks are innovative and award-winning modular sit-on-tops. Their unique sectional design means they can be stored and transported more easily than regular kayaks – no need for a roof rack or trailer – and if it’s easier to use, you’ll use it more often. We frequently hear from customers who say their Tequila is the boat they use the most. “Chuck it in the car, chuck it in the water – it takes seconds!”

The Tequila can either be bought as a two piece, 10ft Solo, or – by purchasing the optional middle section – as a 14ft Tandem. 

Point65 Tequila Solo red

Yes, you did read correctly: the same kayak can be a Tandem one minute, and a Solo the next!

Assembly is very straightforward: just slide the interlocking mouldings together and secure with the ratchet straps (a bit like ski boot bindings) on each side. It takes less time to do than to read, once you’ve done it a couple of times, and a lot less time than taking a “normal” kayak on or off the roof (and tying it down etc).


Compared with a standard single-piece kayak the sectional design of the Tequila allows much more convenient storage and transport options. The smaller separate pieces can be put away, for example, under the stairs or a bed, inside a beach hut (much more secure than leaving it outside), or standing upright in the corner of a shed or garage.

They are popular with yacht owners, as rather than having to be tied on deck (ie in the way), the sections will fit through a hatch for storage inside the cabins – on top of or underneath a spare bunk perhaps. And similarly for motorhome owners, there’s no need to struggle up and down from the high roof; Tequila sections will go through the side door.

The sections will also of course fit inside many cars, so you don’t need a roof rack. This means:
– They are much easier to load/unload, particularly if you have a high-roof vehicle, or like to go kayaking alone.
– You won’t have any concerns about knots coming undone, or straps coming loose.
– Your car will be much more economical (a kayak on a roofrack sucks fuel).
– You won’t get annoying wind noise or whistles, as you tend to with roof-borne kayaks!

The time it takes to assemble a Tequila kayak (seconds) is far, far less than the time it takes to put a standard kayak on and off a roof rack, so you also get MORE TIME AFLOAT.

Generally speaking two pieces of a P65 Tequila (ie a Solo one-person) will fit inside most hatchback cars, whilst three sections (ie a Tandem two-person) will fit inside most estate cars.

MAKING IT FIT… The largest section is 5ft 7″ (170cm) long by 2ft 6″ (76cm)… but the most awkard, even though it’s a bit shorter, is the middle (if you have one), because it’s not tapered (the back and front are). So by experimenting with the order and orientation of the pieces, it’s often possible to get them into cars that at first looked impossible. If you have a large Estate car – eg VW Passat, BMW 5-Series Touring – then it’s easy, but it often surprises people how small a car is possible (certainly for a Solo).

PRICES/AVAILABILITY all back in stock April 2021
– Tequila Solo (ie front and back sections only). £750 to collect (or £95 UK mainland delivery)  
– Tequila middle section only (make your Solo into a Tandem). £500 to collect (£65 UK mainland delivery)

Two-piece in back of Peugeot 206
Two-piece in Peugeot 206

Two-piece in Golf Convertible
Two-piece in Golf Convertible


We and our many happy Tequila customers have found these kayaks very easy to use and incredibly stable. They are also fast and straight-tracking compared to many other sit-on-tops, and much better than most inflatable kayaks. They even seem to keep you drier than many other designs we have tried.

Quite simply, they have a good hull design, regardless of their sectional nature.

A Tequila kayak can be used almost anywhere there is water: lakes, rivers and sea. We’re not just saying that; we have used them on the sea, in really quite difficult conditions – a “confused chop”, wind force 3-4 – and been impressed. As a Solo they even surf quite well, although “officially” this is not recommended (we’re not sure why, maybe they’re referring to the Tandem). At the other end of the scale we’ve even had a seven year old paddling around a calm lake with confidence… she had never taken a boat out on her own before and was delighted!

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There is storage for a dry bag (or bags) under the elastics on the stern deck, plus a bottle holder in the cockpit, and a “paddle park”.

Tequila kayaks made since 2014 are supplied with Point 65’s super-comfortable AIR seat, with pneumatically-adjustable backrest and integral pump. So, besides dividing into pieces, the Tequila now has one of if not the best seats in the business.


You can spend anything from £10 to several hundred pounds on a paddle. The very cheapest ones are flimsy beach toys but from about £20 up you will get something that functions. In the £30 to £50 area you will get something quite nice and above that you have to spend a lot more to achieve noticeable differences. There is probably more difference between a £10 paddle and a £40 paddle, than a £40 paddle and a £400 paddle…

Our Recommended Paddles, at £40 each, have asymmetric blades with adjustable angle shaft, and are made in sections (so they will fit in the same space as your sectional boat!). Really good quality and value, you’d probably need to spend over £100 to get anything significantly better.


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