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Takacat Inflatable Catamarans

  • Takacat with man stood up on the boat, on a lake
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Product Description

takacat planing, sea, ocean

The Takacat inflatable catamaran is a fun and practical tender for a yacht, a small day boat for a camper-van, or for those who just don’t want the hassle and expense of a trailer but want to get out on the water for a fish, a dive or just some fun.  The key features of this boat are it’s excellent stability, it’s lightweight design and quality meaning you don’t need much power to move, and of course, it’s portability.

The Takacat comes in a range of sizes from 8.5ft- 11ft and in either a Lite or Sport version.  The difference between the two being a different bow design – see more pictures at the end of the product desription.  Apart from this they’re much alike and have all of the following perks and features;

takacat women snorkelling

Innovative design  – Easy access bow design
Trying to get from the water, back into a kayak, dinghy, or inflatable boat can be precarious. The unique Takacat Lite open bow design makes boarding from the water easier than most. A safety feature that is also ideal for those who like swimming, snorkeling or diving.

takacat bags portable

True portability
Takacats’ catamaran hull design and new open and completely removable transom allows for the inflatable tubes to be deflated easier and more compact than other inflatable boats. There are significant size and weight advantage with no fixed transom. These are big advantages when it comes to handling, transportation and or storage in motorhomes, or yachts.

takacat man standing up on the boat on the water

Big on Stability
The Takacats’ large diameter tubes do not effect the boats performance like they can on a conventional mono-hull inflatable boats. Actually the large tubes enhance the Takacat’s performance. The low resistance catamaran hull design provides quick and level planning, stability and fuel economy.

takacat, family, children shore

Removable high-pressure air deck floor
The high pressure fully removable air deck floor system is a big plus. It’s extremely rigid when inflated to pressure (10psi) “standing on board is no issue” but quick and easy to deflate and stow away for transport or storage. The extra thick high pressure air deck creates a secondary flat floor above the waterline to provide a dry surface. The secondary flat floor under the air deck provides additional protection against abrasions and hazards when beaching etc. A big advantage over inflatable boats that have a built in air deck floor and/or V hulls.

The EVA protective deck grip provides exceptional grip and protection as well as adding comfort and rigidity to the floor. Ideal for when fishing, diving or having a fun day on the water with the kids.

Open transom design
The quick-drain transom has some obvious advantages. 
In the surf if you take a wave on board in a conventional inflatable boat, the boats performance will suffer. The water on board can be heavy and effect your boat’s ability to perform when required as it takes some time to drain the water. With the open transom the water will drains out rapidly allowing you to get back to optimum speed.

While at rest, due to the catamaran hull design, the floor of the Takacat is raised from the water, this level will vary slightly with the amount of gear on board. There’s then the extra thick high pressure air deck floor (similar to an inflatable stand up paddle board) that fits on top of the floor to make a secondary floor. This provides buoyancy and keeps you well above the water level. Any water that comes on board simply drains right off the top surface of the removable air deck.

A ballast system also works at rest, under load, by allowing water to enter between the bottom fabric layer and removable air deck floor creating something of a vacuum enhancing stability.

Set-up to row
If you are only going to be rowing, simply remove the top transom bar along with the outboard mounting plate and you have a rowing tender. The Takacats come with two seats so you can also position one right at the back for passengers.

“It’s great to fish from and it also better to row than my Canoe!” Timo, South Island lake fisherman, New Zealand

takacat rowing, oars


Quick release wheel system
Takacat’s new quick release wheel system (QRW ) is part of the completely removable transom. QRW greatly reduces the effort of getting in and out of the water. It can be fitted without drilling or retrofitting, with a simple clip on and off system that doesn’t affect the pack down size or weight of your inflatable boat tender. Tough pneumatic rubber tyres provide the ability to get your Takacat to and from the water weather it’s just up and down the beach or to and from your car or campsite.

takacat upside down image showing wheel trolley system

Quick release rod holder
A simple clip on/off system that doesn’t affect the pack down size or weight of your inflatable tender. No need for drilling or retrofitting a set of aftermarket rod holders. Designed to work with Takacats new Tube-Transom

takacat fishing rod holder

Easy replacment tubes / Re tube
Takacat’s can be re-tubed simply and cost effectively. Due to the transom design and removable high pressure air deck floor system, the tubes are not fixed or glued to the hull. So, there is little hassle to have your aged or, if you’ve really been taking it hard, damaged tubes replaced.

takacat deflated

Compare the photos above, mostly showing the Takacat Lite with these below of the Sport with the more conventional closed bow design.

takacat towed
Excellent tracking while towed, rowed or under power

takacat three adults

takacat afloat

takacat three adults on one side

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