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Oru Coast XT 16ft Folding Sea Kayaks

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Product Description



The Oru Coast had it’s UK and European launch on our stand at the London Boat Show, January 2016.

It’s 4ft longer than the Bay ST. So it’s faster, more stable, and has greater carrying capacity. Of course it’s also a little bit heavier and larger when folded, but not by very much…

… Amazingly, Oru’s clever design engineers have made the folded Coast the same width and height as the Bay (33×29″), and just a couple of inches thicker front to back.

The weight increase is also minimal: the Bay ST weighs 26-lb (12kg); the Coast  XT weighs 31-lb (14kg).

Choosing between them depends largely on what you want to do: the Bay ST is for lightly loaded daytrips, and ultimate compact convenience; the Coast XT for longer trips/heavier loads.

Paddler size and skill level may also be deciding factors. The Bay ST is


sufficiently stable for most people of most abilities who weigh up to about 200-lb (90kg). Above that they may prefer the extra stability of the Coast – but we’ve also seen a 250-lb (115kg) kayak instructor very happy in a Bay ST (he was amazed by its performance).

Similarly smaller paddlers may prefer the Bay ST because it’s easier to turn and will sit (weight for weight) a little lower in the water – a lightly loaded large kayak may be blown about more.

Both, folded, are a doddle to transport and fit in the optional backpack (below).

Assembled Dimensions:
– length 16ft (4.9m)
– beam 25″ (64cm)
– weight 31-lb (14kg)

Folded Dimensions:
– 33x29x9″ (84x74x23cm)


Transporting the Oru couldn’t be easier.  We show the same pictures for each Oru model  because the folded, box dimensions for every model is the same – miraculously so considering the extra 4ft on the Coast range.  Here you can see one and two kayaks in the boot of a VW Golf, all four seats still up, the boot closes no problem and with room to spare on the single.  You’re good to go.





– Oru Coast XT Kayak £2449
– Buoyancy bag set £58 (if bought with boat)
– Oru backpack/carrying bag £195
– Oru sprayskirt £135
– Four-piece paddle* (fits in folded boat) £48

* NB, re Paddle this is not the “official” Oru paddle (which is £100), but we think it’s very good at the price, with nice solid joints – and crucially it fits inside the folded kayak package.

DELIVERY, to most UK mainland addresses £12. Most mainland Europe addresses (France, Germany etc) £55.

TO BUY OR SEE AN ORU KAYAK (we have stock in UK, including one closely guarded Coast)

Send a message online now via the Contact page.

Call us on:
– 0800 999 2535 (FREE from most UK landlines)
– Mobile 07768 600595

Email us:

To buy or see an Oru Kayak (we have stock in UK)

Send a message online now via the Contact page.

Call us on:
– 0800 999 2535 (FREE from most UK landlines)
– Mobile 07768 600595

Email us:

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