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Nestaways are now built as Adventure Boats by Drascombe (rest of Nestaway business unaffected)

After much debate we recently decided (March 2021) to sell the moulds and production rights to our nesting dinghy range to Drascombe Boats, who now build them as Adventure Boats. See: Adventure Boats by Drascombe

The rest of our business – all the other folding, inflatable and modular boats, and electric outboards – continues as Nestaway Boats Ltd, just as before (but without the range we started it all with!). We have retained some information about the boats formerly known as Nestaways for historical interest, but for latest specs/prices on the nesting dinghies please contact Drascombe: Drascombe Contacts

Nestaway Sectional Boats were all designed in bolt-together sections that can be fitted inside each other, for easier transport and storage.

People often asked us “won’t the water come in?” and the simple answer is “no!”. The reason water doesn’t come in is that a Nestaway is like two (or in some cases three) separate smaller boats which join together to make one (rather more useful) larger one. It’s perhaps clearer if we add that the bulkheads at the joints (both sides of the joint) finish above the waterline.

nestaway pram beach

8ft Nesting Pram Dinghy

This is where the whole Nestaway Project started: a two-piece yacht tender designed to store on the coachroof of our founder’s 31ft yacht. He wanted a practical dinghy that was seaworthy, good to row, and had the option to sail.

The Prams have also proven popular as “tenders” to motorhomes; the Pram shape maximises internal space and carrying capacity for a given length.


9ft Clinker Dinghy

Pretty, practical, and developed from an elderly ship’s tender, she is beamy and deep for her size, and notably stable.

In sailing mode she is very comfortable for two, and there’s easily room for a couple of kids to come along too.

Trio 14 Skye 290

Trio 14 – 14ft Multi-purpose Boat

The Trio 14 is a truly remarkable boat designed by us around one “non-negotiable” point: it had to fit in the back of a medium to large estate car. That way, you wouldn’t need a trailer, and won’t have any struggles getting it on/off a roof rack. As a result (to fit between the wheel arches) it’s relatively narrow for its length but that in turn makes it a pleasure to row and amazingly efficient under power (it will plane with a 2.5hp outboard!).

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