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Nautiraid Narak one-person Sea Kayaks

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The Inuit-style Naraks folding kayaks have long slim hulls that are easy to paddle and look very elegant. Their lines are the result of many generations of incremental development, perfected over thousands of years. Most notably they sit lower in the water and have less internal volume than for example the Raid series, with their high bows and hard-chine hulls making them very seaworthy. (They’re not you’ll be pleased to hear, completely true to the originals: seals do not have to donate their skins, and whales do not have to donate their frames!) And of course being something that we sell, the Nautiraid Naraks also fold up, which makes them rather easier to transport and store in the modern world. There are three sizes of single paddler Narak – the 405, 460 and 550 featured on this page – and also a very elegant double, the Grand Narak 550 here.

– Narak 550 The picture above shows a heavily-loaded Narak 550 with optional Stabilair external sponsons (buoyancy/stability tubes), on expedition in Indonesia. The picture below shows British paddler Jeff Allen on expedition in Norway (in January!) in the version without Stabilairs. This mile-eating 18ft sea kayak is as good to paddle as, if not better than, most equivalent-size hard shell boats, yet also folds up into two bags. It’s a bit narrower than the others, so a bit less stable, but far from unmanageable so if you have some paddling experience. Length 550cm, beam 52cm, weight 22kg, max load 110kg. Price from £2950

Narak 550 no Stabilairs Jeff Allen




Narak 460 blue top

– Narak 460 OK, if you can accept it will take 25 minutes to assemble, and don’t mind the price, this is a fantastic boat. In fact it’s our MD Ian’s favourite boat in the Nautiraid range, probably his favourite kayak. Particularly with a wooden frame (you can have an aluminium frame frame if you insist) because then it’s just a delight to behold, and a delight to paddle – fast yet reassuringly stable. As so often in life the 460’s beauty doesn’t seem to come across in photos – but in the flesh… tres tres jolie! Length 460cm, beam 56cm, weight 22kg, max load 130kg. Available with or without Stabilair side tubes, which make it approx 10cm wider (usually above waterline) offering additional buoyancy and heeled stability. Price from £2750

Nautiraid Narak 405 Cross

NEW Narak 405 “Cross”. When we visit the factory this is unofficially referred to as the “Oru beater” (you can see Oru Kayaks elsewhere on this site); Nautiraid were not going to sit back and idly watch the “American upstarts” take their market! Indeed they have learnt from them and seen that whilst there is still a market for “connoisseur kayaks” (varnished wood frames, 80 year heritage etc) today there is clearly also a market for lower maintenance, faster assembly boats. So the new Narak 405 can be assembled in 10 minutes, weighs just 16kg, and has a light but stiff aluminium frame with a superb (engineers’ delight) wedge-tensioning system that’s very simple and effective to use. At 405cm (just over 13ft) long it’s a great all rounder, with plenty of stability, easy to manouevre and, with its Narak series hull, surprisingly fast to paddle. Early signs are that it will become a if not the best seller in the range. (“Cross” by the way is an abbreviation of “Crossover”, referring to its versatility, rather than anger directed at recent market entrants!) Standard Narak 405 is £1695, higher spec version – rudder ready and with a better cockpit surround – £1895.

Narak 405 Cross jetty

See further down page for a picture of the portability of the Nautiraid kayak range. Kayaks in the Narak and Grand Narak range all fold down into two easy-to-carry bags.

For further specification detail see the PDF Nautiraid Sept 2017

nautiraid kayak and canoe colour options

Nautiraid Canoes and Kayaks are available in four colours; grey, white, blue and red. Call us before ordering to discuss your requirements and colour preference. Depending on what we have in stock, we may need to have your boat built to order by the factory (“artesan workshop” may be a better description) in France.

Nautiraid Factory-sm

See Accessories for all kayak additional options and extras.

With so many models and options we recommend reading our guide that introduces the Nautiraid Kayak range and explores the options. Nautiraid Kayak Guide (opens in a new window)

The Narak 460 packs down into two bags.
Narak kayaks pack down into two bags.

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