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Point 65 – Falcon Kayaks

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Product Description

04 JUNE 2020: POINT 65 FALCON MODULAR KAYAKS – SORRY, SOLD OUT FOR 2020!  The UK importer has ceased to be the UK importer, and we don’t think there will be another importer before 2021…


The Point 65 Falcon is smaller sister to the popular Tequila GTX. This design is optimised even further for storage and transport and made by a different moulding technique – meaning that it’s cheaper and lighter too. For eagle-eyed Point 65 watchers, the Falcon is the new and updated replacement for the Apollo (no longer available in UK).

The Falcon has a lower volume hull than the Tequila, so in our opinion is best-suited to persons weighing up to about 85kg (Solo model) or with a combined weight of 170kg (Tandem). That encompasses a large proportion of the population, including most women and children, but not large men. (It won’t sink, even if you weigh 50% more than that, but you will sit lower in the water and almost certainly end up with a wet backside!) For those that do fit into that weight category the Falcon’s big advantage is that the sections are even lighter and smaller than those of the Tequila kayaks… most ten year olds can pick them up. They are just 1.4m (4ft 8″ long), only weigh 11kg (less than 25-lb) each, and notably flatter than sections of Tequila kayak. (Three Falcon sections stacked on top of each other take about the same vertical space as two Tequila sections.)

The Falcon’s underwater shape is very easily-driven, ie doesn’t require much effort to paddle, but is best suited to relatively flat water: lakes, rivers, harbours etc. We have actually been surprised at how capable these boats are, but if you want more ability in waves the Tequila GTX is a better bet. Sometimes though storage and transport can be absolutely overriding factors and please don’t misunderstand us: the Falcon is still a good boat. It is certainly quicker to put together, more durable, and faster than most inflatable kayaks for example – and if you buy the Tandem you’re effectively getting a Solo too (two boats for the price of one!).

They are very easy to assemble and dismantle, using Point 65’s “Snap Tap” buckle system combined with interlocking hull mouldings.


See also; Point 65, Tequila GTX, Martini sit-inside Kayaks, Rum Runner SUP


You can spend anything from £10 to several hundred pounds on a paddle. The very cheapest ones are flimsy beach toys but from about £20 up you will get something that functions. In the £30 to £50 area you will get something quite nice and above that you have to spend a lot more to achieve noticeable differences. There is probably more difference between a £10 paddle and a £40 paddle, than a £40 paddle and a £400 paddle… We offer:
– Basic Paddle £18 each. These are strong, straight-bladed paddles with a two-piece shaft (for easier storage etc). They definitely work, and won’t let you down first time out!
– Recommended Paddle £40 each. These have asymmetric blades with adjustable angle shaft, and like the kayaks are made in sections (so they’re easy to store and will fit inside your car). Good quality and value, you’d probably need to spend over £100 to get anything significantly better.

SPARES/ACCESSORIES eg buckles, straps and elastics are all available, please contact us for pricing.
DELIVERY. The Falcon is remarkably compact, but the boxes are still quite large by courier standards… prices above are for collection from our warehouse BH23 4FN. Mainland UK delivery is £36 on the Solo, £60 on the Tandem. (“Mainland UK” as defined by courier, not you or us!)

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