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Torqeedo Electric Outboards


Torqeedo is a German company dedicated to electric marine propulsion. Their founder’s inspiration was simple: combustion (ie petrol) engines had recently been banned on his local waterways, and the electric motors available at the time were all aimed at the fishing trolling market (ie. slow).

Torqeedo have been very successful in this market, the industry leader for the last 12 years, with a range of electric motors, inboard and outboard, from 400W to 66kW. However they do now have an ambitious competitor (Epropulsion), and in the important 1kW portable outboard motor market we’d say it’s now largely a case of “six of one, half a dozen of the other”

The motors of most interest to us in the portable boat market are the:


Travel 1103 (and 603) integrated battery portable outboards. These offer power outputs of 1.1 and 0.6kW, or roughly 1.5 to 3hp, but with vastly more torque than their petrol equivalents. That means they are very good at pushing surprisingly heavy loads up to about 6 knots, but no faster (they won’t get anything on the plane).
Torqeedo Travel 1103 & 603 (with some information about old 503 and 1003 on same page)

If you are considering a Torqeedo 603 or 1103 then it has to be worth a couple of minutes reading about the ePropulsion Spirit. It has important similarities, and a couple of significant differences…


Ultralight 403 Dedicated Kayak Motor. This 400W motor only weighs 7kg including the battery, and is designed specifically to power kayaks. The versatile mounting system means it can be fitted to almost all “hardshell” kayaks, and we’ve also developed a system that makes it possible to fit on some types of inflatable kayak.
Torqeedo Ultralight



Cruise Series external battery portable outboards. These offer power outputs of 2 to 8kW (4 to 15hp), again with vastly superior torque, and torque characteristics, compared to petrol motors. On the right boat, with the right propeller, the Cruise motors can achieve planing speeds (in virtual silence, which is a wonderful experience).
Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 & 4.0

torqeedo accessories featim

We also offer a wide range of Torqeedo accessories, from spare batteries to carrying bags, remote throttles and alternative propellers.

Torqeedo Accessories

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