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Electric Outboard Motors


Electric Outboards by Epropulsion and Torqeedo

The world of electric outboard motors is growing fast. Battery technology improvements have made portable motors up to about 4kW – roughly 6hp – a viable option for small boats, so long as you don’t mind paying a bit more. In fact as of January 2021 we have seen the market for petrol outboards of 4hp and less all-but disappear, pretty much everyone is buying electric at that size (in new sales).

Choosing an outboard motor is about knowing how you will use it – how often do you need an outboard motor, is it for backup or is it your main propulsion system? How long are your journeys? At what speed?

As the UK’s leading retailer for both the biggest brands, Torqeedo and Epropulsion (for the last two years running, 2019 and 2020), we have unmatched experience in helping you find the best motor for your requirements… and are competitive on price too.


Epropulsion entered the electric outboard market about eight years ago, and their best seller is the 1kW Spirit PLUS – a direct rival to Torqeedo’s popular Travel series motors. It has the same power output, with a larger capacity (and floating) battery, and only one lead to connect. The pricing is similar but you get quite a lot more battery capacity. If you are considering a Torqeedo but hadn’t heard of Epropulsion, you should at the very least be aware of them, see: Epropulsion Spirit motor

We sell more Epropulsion motors than any other dealer in the world (yes including the US), and can undertake most service/repair work.

Epropulsion also offer a kayak motor, the Epropulsion Lagoon; and larger more powerful motors, the Navy Electric motors


German manufacturers Torqeedo effectively kickstarted the whole “mainstream” electric outboard market, launching their Travel series in the UK around 2008. We were one of their earliest, and during 2019 and 2020 have maintained our position as their largest, UK dealer. We have lots of experience using them ourselves, and our numerous customers who have made the change to electric never seem to look back. The price is undeniably higher than petrol motors but the advantages – particularly quietness, ease of use and cleanliness – often outweigh that.

They do make larger motors but the bulk of our Torqeedo sales are now the new-in-2019 brushless DC, direct drive (yes, somewhat like the Epropulsion!) Torqeedo 1103. There is also the new-2021 600W 603 (a downrated 1103 with smaller battery). The very popular 1003 is now discontinued, but we have kept some information about it on our Torqeedo pages for the benefit of those buying secondhand.

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