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Check the list: will the Trio fit into your car?

The lists below are offered in good faith, but we do not accept any liability for errors or consequences thereof. If you know of any other vehicles the Trio will or will not fit inside, please tell us.

Suitable cars
Almost certainly suitable cars
Unsuitable cars

Please also note that certain options, such as the rubber fendering and some components of the sailing rig, make the boat slightly wider and may mean that it does not fit in a vehicle listed below. If transporting the boat in a car is a major consideration, please consider this and consult us before ordering.

The key dimension is 107cm (3ft 6″), the maximum beam of the Trio’s centre section at the gunwhales (wooden trim). If you’ve got that clear between the rear pillars (where the tailgate opens) and also internally between the wheel arches, then it should be fine. However it’s a boat, not a square box, so if your car is slightly narrower than that, particularly at wheel arches, there is often a way to get it in. Experience has shown, the only way to find out for definite is to try it.

The nested length is 1.6m (5ft 4″), which usually seems to be available in cars with the appropriate width dimension.

Another solution to transporting sectional boats on cars, without needing to tow anything or get a boat on a roof rack is the EasyBase.  Whilst primarily designed for the Pram Dinghy, it could be adapted to the Trio, preferably the lightweight hull version.  See, EasyBase.

Cars we KNOW the Trio fits inside:

– Audi A6 Avant, 1998-2004 (easy, see picture)
– BMW 5-series Touring, 1997-2004
– Ford Focus estate, 1998-2004 (easy, see picture)
– Ford Mondeo estate, 2000-2007 (easy)
– Ford Galaxy, 2000-2006 (easy, see picture)
– Land Rover Discovery (2004 on, see picture)
– Mazda 6 Estate, 2008 on (see picture)
– Range Rover, 2002 on (very tight, but possible)
– Range Rover Sport (easy)
– Renault Megane Tourer, 2003-2006 (easy, see picture)
– Seat Alhambra, 2000 on (as Galaxy)
– Vauxhall Vectra estate, 2003-2009 (tight, requires tilting of boat)
– Volkswagen Golf estate, 1999-2005 (like a glove!)
– Volkswagen Passat estate, 2000-2005 (easy)
– Volkswagen Sharan, 2000 on (as Galaxy)
– Volvo XC90 (easy, see picture)

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Cars we’re ALMOST CERTAIN the Trio will fit inside

(based on observation and manufacturer data where available, but not actually tried yet, so not guaranteed):
– BMW 5 series estate (2005-2009);
– Chrysler Voyager, Grand Voyager (possibly even with one rear row of seats), 300C Touring
– Citroen C5 estate, C4 Picasso, probably Berlingo, maybe C6
– Ford Focus estate (current); Ford Mondeo estates (most if not all other than 2000-2007 which is definite); SMax; latest Galaxy.
– Land Rover Discovery (early models)
– Honda Accord Tourer 2003 on
– Mazda 6 estate, 2002-2008
– all Mercedes E class estates; G class; ML
– Nissan Primera estate, 2002-2006
– Renault Laguna estate
– Peugeot estates, 406, 407 maybe 306
– Skoda Superb estate
– Toyota Landcruiser Amazon
– Volkswagen Golf estate, 2005 on; Passat estate (pre 2000, post 2005 )
– Volvo 850, V70

Cars we know the Trio does not fit inside:

– Audi A6 Avant 2004 on (it would fit inside, easily, but has a smaller tailgate opening than the pre-2004 model)
– Audi A4 Avant (all versions)
– Skoda Octavia, current
– Vauxhall Vectra estate, 1996-2002 (not long enough)

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