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Welcome to Nestaway’s Brokerage page. Here we offer trade-in, second hand, ex-demo and display boats and equipment for sale.

NB We try to update this list as soon as a boat is sold, but please contact us for latest information and availability.  All items are located for viewing by appointment at our premises in Christchurch, Dorset unless otherwise indicated.

LATEST (March 2022):

Tiwal in Tropics

– Nautiraid Rando 475 folding kayak, red. Bought June 2018, very nice condition. The price new for the near-identical (other than name and colour) Umiak 475 is £2300. Asking £1500

– SOLD Tiwal 3 with lots of extras. Bought September 2017 but barely used (owner says twice) due to lack of time, this Tiwal 3 comes with both sails (5.2 and 7sqm), beach cart, hiking rack pads and second set of blocks (for easier sail changing). Current price new for this spec would be just over £6000… SOLD

– SOLD Takacat Go T240 inflatable catamaran. Brand new unopened in box, found in corner of warehouse. Length 240cm, beam 140cm, tube diameter 42cm. The most conventional of the Takacats, aimed at the yacht tender market, with a “closed” bow and transom. The best information we can find is these were 1276 Euros (£1139) at Dusseldorf Boat Show 2020. SOLD

– SOLD! Nestaway Trio 14. GRP hull with lots of lovely teak trim and the relatively rare sailing rig. It’s from 2010, so an early one, which means too well (we must have lost money on them!)… and the condition looks more like two years old than ten. If we were still making them – which we aren’t, sorry! – this would be over £8500 new. Sorry now SOLD.

– SOLD! Nestaway 8ft Pram dinghy. The boats that started it all… and sadly not in production now… but we have a sailing version (lug sail rig, version without boom although it could be added, brand new mast) with white GRP hull, gunwhales and thwarts in teak, bilge keel handles and keelband in teak. It’s obviously not new but in good general working and cosmetic order, more than usable as is. Sorry now sold.

NESTAWAY MOULDS/PRODUCTION RIGHTS SOLD With some regret, as of January 2021, we don’t think we’re going to have time to get the original Nestaways back in production any time soon… amongst other diversions we are exceptionally busy being the UK’s largest electric outboard dealers, and have a successful line of inflatables selling internationally (SpearFish). But Nestaway nesting boats was where we started, and we don’t want the moulds to just sit there gathering dust. We still get enquiries for Nestaways, that we can’t/don’t fulfil, almost daily. In the peak Nestaway years we built over 70 boats per year, limited more by supply than demand, and it was the entirety of the business… we believe it could quite easily be built back to that and more. It depends which ones of course, but 70 boats would equate to at least £300k turnover (the seeds of a nice 1-2 person business). The moulds themselves – for Nestaway 8ft Pram, Nestaway 8ft Stem, Nestaway 9ft Stem, Nestaway Trio 14, Nestaway Trio 16 – were all in use until very recently, some more used than others of course, and are valued for replacement purposes at over £50,000. If anything that’s a bit low, looking back on the bills the Trio 16 for example cost nearly £30k to tool, and those moulds are immaculate. This is effectively a mothballed business, you can’t expect to sell 10 boats a week from day one, but it would be vastly easier than starting it all from scratch (which is what we did, so we know!). You’d have moulds ready to go for an established line of boats that just needs a bit of publicity to get going again – even without much publicity for the last couple of years the enquiries still keep coming in. All this is not going to be free, but we’d be happy to look at ways to help you finance the purchase price over the first year or so, and may also be willing to licence the Nestaway name. If you’re interested talk to us. We do think the opportunity to re-establish a £300k + turnover business fairly quickly, with the potential for decent gross manufacturing margins, is worth a reasonable amount of money – but we’re not unrealistic either. SOLD

a woman sailing dinghygo on the sea

– DinghyGo 275 inflatable sailing dinghy. This is a predecessor model to the current DinghyGo Orca 280 (here), and was formerly our demo/display boat. It’s a 2014 hull, rig looks newer to us, all in full working order – holds air well, no patches – but with some signs of use and would benefit from a darned good clean! But at less than half the price of a new one, it’s a bit of a bargain… asking £1400 (Picture is generic image, not actual boat for sale)


– SpearFish 450 red with Epropulsion Spirit 1.0 electric outboard. A complete set up, ready to go; just under two years old but only used twice in fresh water (Thames) due to injury (unrelated to boat!). Almost as new, barely a mark to be found. Includes the boat, oars, seats (including cushions/underseat bag), storage bag, motor/battery/charger. New this set up would cost just over £3000 (and you can’t have a new Epropulsion until September either!), owner is asking a very reasonable (in light of perfect condition) SOLD

– Nestaway 9ft Clinker Stem dinghy. Not in production at the moment, but as it happens two here ready to go.
First is an older one from about 2013, that is a little cosmetically flawed (nothing structural, just didn’t meet our standards) and wasn’t viable to correct, so ended up being our “hack around” boat for a while and has sat a little forlorn in a dusty corner ever since. She’s quite high spec with teak decks, brass keel band etc, and ready for a rig (not included) having a keel box and mast step already built in. Looking at her now, the cosmetic flaws were maybe us being a bit fussy… someone needs to use her and cheer her up! SORRY SOLD
Second is a near new ex demo/display boat. 
If we don’t get them back into production, which is certainly not imminent, this may well be the last ever chance to get one that’s never been sold to anyone else. Built 2019, very high spec with cream hull, burgundy top planks, teak decks and really, just about every option you could option (she was built to show at shows). Ready for a rig but rig not included – we could make you one at additional cost. Asking £3600, 25% off what she would have been without the few minor scratches etc she has accumulated from display/storage. SORRY NOW SOLD

– Parsun 5.8 two-stroke outboard. Brand new (still in box) but quite old (thought pre 2006) two-stroke purchased as part of a warehouse clearance from another boat business that was closing down due to retirement. Being two-stroke it’s lightweight for the power output, and being Parsun it’s at the better end of the “new brands” and closely based on equivalent Yamahas (indeed many parts are interchangeable). Long out of warranty but brand new in box, fantastic price and a great deal if you can look after a motor like this yourself – it’s unlikely to be worth paying a dealer to service it etc. SOLD

– SOLD Nautiraid Grand Narak 550 TourExp, red. This 5.5m two-person folding kayak, built 2017, is generally in excellent condition with one unfortunate small puncture, professionally repaired (you probably wouldn’t notice it if we didn’t point it out). The “TourExp” specification means it has the beautiful varnished ash wooden frames, with aheavy duty black PVC hull and a red deck with Nautiraid’s expedition fitout. Also included is a two-person spraydeck and two sprayskirts – all complete and ready for your next adventure. In the right hands this is a very capable boat and could be (they have been) taken anywhere from Indonesia to Antartica, but would also work perfectly well for day trips on the Thames… This fantastic folding kayak in this specification would now be the wrong side of £4000 new, owner is asking £—

– SOLD Nestaway 8ft Pram dinghy, lightweight hull, sailing rig, Torqeedo 403. Very high spec including towbar platform and some extras that are not even on the extras list! 2011 boat but unfortunately for the owner not used very much and extremely well looked after.
– SOLD Portabote 8 with wheels. 4 years old but in very good condition as only used a few times and stored in a garage most of its life. Includes oars, rowlocks and launch wheels. Asking £—

SOLD! F-RIB 360 with Suzuki 9.9 and 2.5hp outboards (may separate). This package was bought by a very experienced customer who wished to operate what he knew was going to be his last boat on both inland waterways, where the speed limit is typically 4mph or less (hence the small light 2..5hp) and the sea (hence 9.9). Time and health constraints have meant that while he’s had it a couple of years the total running time (carefully logged) has been slightly less than 5 hours! So he’s decided to move it on. Also included are transom wheels, a folding launch trolley, a 12V inflator, and seat cushions (with bag underneath one of them). All in very good order, not new but really very little used and very well cared for. Price new for this package would be over £6000, customer asking £—

SOLD! NESTAWAY TRIO 14. With the current production backlog and waiting list for new Nestaways, you cannot have a new Trio to use this Summer. But this carefully-specified 2010 boat is in very close to new condition, having been “pre-enjoyed” by an owner who has clearly taken the greatest of care during her transport, assembly and use. There are of course one or two marks on the hull – which is white, so they barely show – but nothing that detracts from her elegant looks or practicality. The owner wanted a simple but lightweight-as-possible Trio, so she has the much sought after lightweight (carbon/kevlar) hull construction, woodwork in teak, brass keel strip, and rowing outriggers. Pictures coming soon. Asking price SOLD 

SOLD DinghyGo 2 (275) Beach. These innovative inflatable dinghies with sailing rig almost never come up secondhand, as all our customers seem to love them. And this one’s not really secondhand, in fact it’s never even been wet… purchased from us in May 2016, the owners (due to bad health news) have only ever inflated it on their back lawn to admire. They now reluctantly accept that they won’t ever be able to use it. Absolutely complete and absolutely immaculate, some of it’s still in the wrappers. This is the 275 (9ft) Beach version, complete with kick-up rudder and mast extender (to raise boom height). There is really no difference between this and a new one, except it’s not in the boxes. SOLD

SOLD Nestaway Pram dinghy with spritsail rig. Built 2009 – now being sold due to requirement for larger tender. An early Nestaway Pram (hull #004), but if anything that means it was overbuilt and is almost indestructible! She has woodwork in teak, removable longitudinal seat in stern section, teak-deck style seats, bilge keels/handles on stern section, and our 36sqft spritsail rig (same area but different shape, compared with current lugsail rig option). Well used but also well below half the price for an equivalent one new… Inevitably she has some signs of use, but nothing that affects her usability – cosmetic scratches and dings, that could do with some filling and fairing if you want her to look her best. The woodwork is teak so in no danger of structural deterioration, but again could do with a light sanding and oiling to look its best. The spars definitely need sanding and re-varnishing. Asking £SOLD.

SOLD 2013 Nestaway 8ft Stem dinghy (non-nesting).  A very rare vessel, this Nestaway clinker 8ft Stem dinghy is one of only two ever built with a single-piece hull (ie a “normal” boat!). Specified by a very experienced boat owner who fell in love with the look of our boats, but didn’t need the nesting, she has woodwork in teak, and a very fetching dark green hull. For Swallows & Amazons-style adventuring she has our 36sqft lug rig, with a tan sail and varnished wooden spars. Practical day-to-day features include fold-up/down/removable transom wheels, rubber fendering on the gunwhales, brass strip on the central and bilge keels, a rowing footbrace, and even a sculling rowlock aft. Overall she is a lovely boat and whilst there are a few cosmetic signs of use (minor scratches etc) she is generally in very good condition with a long life ahead of her. The sailing rig especially, is in immaculate condition, barely used.  A sister ship built to the same specification new would be pushing on towards £4000; owner has reluctantly come to the end of his boating career and asking £NOW SOLD.

SOLD! 2015 Nautiraid Coracle 190 6ft folding dinghy (generic picture).  Bought late last year, the owners have decided after a few months’ light use that it’s “lovely but not quite big enough” for their particular needs. This, the 190/6ft model is perfect for one person, and fine for two, but really not much else in the way of luggage, dogs or children. It’s the usual Nautiraid high quality Hypalon skin, over varnished ash longitudinals, with varnished beech plywood removable cross-frames – just as they have been for longer than anyone cares to remember (the same basic boat has been in production since 1936!). Its main advantages are compact storage size and light weight, see our Nautiraid Coracle page for more info. This one is in excellent condition, showing only minor signs of use ie cosmetic scratches. Asking £—

NYB 37 - 001

SOLD NYB 38 NESTAWAY 9ft Stem Dinghy with lugsail rig

Built 2011, one owner. This is a good solid example of our most popular nesting boat, the 9ft Stem dinghy. There are of course some signs of use – cosmetic marks, scratches and a few minor dents – but everything you need is there and she’s ready to go right now (ie without the waiting list for a new one). Spec includes teak woodwork, teak-deck style thwarts, metal rowlocks with 7ft varnished wooden oars, brass keel band, bilge keels/handles on stern section, and a 36sqft lugsail rig with wooden spars. She also has a non-standard but very useful large hatch in the bow buoyancy tank – somewhere to put your sandwiches, as the current owner puts it.

On first seeing her, one can barely resist saying “What a nice little boat” (and we build them for a living!). SORRY, NOW SOLD


SOLD NYB36 DinghyGo Sailing Inflatable
2014 boat. This is a rare example of a used DinghyGo 275 on the market. As with all DinghyGos it’s sold complete with the sailing rig, and in this case was also specified with the kick-up rudder. The sailing rig is in excellent condition, and the hull in very good condition apart from one mark caused by an unfortunate cigarette incident (cosmetic, does not leak).

Asking £1850 including a useful folding launch trolley (fits in a bag, price new £150). 


NYB34 F-RIB 360
Built 2014, used for demos and on display at Southampton Boat Show. Some incautious landings on a stony beach mean the hull is now a little too scratched for show use, but it’s purely cosmetic – nothing deep. This is a rare opportunity to buy an F-RIB at a reduced price, they have only been available in UK a few months. SOLD

We will also offer the purchaser of this F-RIB 360 first opportunity to buy the outboard you can see on the back, a 2010 Tohatsu 20hp 4-stroke. This smooth two-cylinder motor came to us because the previous elderly owner found he just wasn’t using it. It has no history but looks pretty much new, starts and runs beautifully, and has recently had new oil (both ends) and spark plugs. It will push the F-RIB 360 to over 20 knots two-up, and still does 18 knots with 4 adults, a child and a dog on board (we know, through personal experience!).  RRP Tohatsu MFS20CS new £2288, asking £XXX SOLD


NYB35 9ft Stem Dinghy, Sailing Package Silver ++, great spec
Built late 2013, this has been our demo boat for the 2014 season. The inevitable small cosmetic scratches – mostly to the dark blue top planks – one acquires in use mean she is now not quite “show standard”, but this in no way affects the usability. Some might see it as a benefit – you won’t be paranoid about scratching a boat that already has a few! She is the Silver Sailing Package (see price list) plus: two-tone hull (navy/cream); two-piece mast; two-piece oars with custom stowage; and, unique to this boat, a Dotan tiller-operated kick-up rudder with high-aspect vac-formed glassfibre blade and composite case. The rudder was an experiment and works very well but we concluded at nearly £200 extra (over the standard plywood kick-up rudder) it was not going to appeal to many people. The total for all that specified new, starting from the Sailing Package Silver (itself a saving of £437), would be £4067. In view of the mild cosmetic scratching we are asking £3450, a saving of 15% (and you get to skip merrily past the waiting list!). Be Quick – these boats are loved by their owners and almost never come up second hand, very rare opportunity/saving. SOLD

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Supplied new last year. The customers enjoyed her a great deal but decided to trade her up for something bigger this season. She has the balanced lug rig, woodwork in teak, keelband, bilge keels etc; also CARBON SPARS, with joints in the mast and yard to make the rig package lightweight and only 6ft long. Nice boat, minor cosmetic signs of use but generally very good condition, asking £3200. SOLD

Built 2012. Cream hull and interior with good specification including teak woodwork, balanced lug rig, bilge keel handles, keelband, SIDE BUOYANCY TUBES, davit lifting eyes etc. Good practical boat, well-used and not cosmetically perfect but still with plenty of life – and a big saving on new at this spec.  £xxxx ono. SOLD

Mad River 14TT Explorer Canadian-style (open cockpit) canoe with extensive kit including: buoyancy aids; buoyancy bags; wooden paddles; custom-built road trailer. Total cost for these items new, less than two years ago, was £1749. VGC, asking price £xxxx. (May split trailer if before sale of canoe.) SOLD

This 2010 boat has almost every option, and even a few bits “off-list” fitted by us and the owner: teak woodwork and teak decking to buoyancy tanks; sailing rig with tan sail (NB this is earlier sprit rig, not lug rig); teak keel strip and bilge runners; folding cleats; pair of deluxe paddles; two folding seats with backrests; folding/removable wheels on transom. There is also a Yamaha 2.5 four-stroke outboard, and a folding launching trolley, available all together as a package deal or may be separated by negotiation. She has been very lightly used – owner just too busy with other things, which is why he’s selling – and it’s worth bearing in mind that you would not get change from £6000 if buying to this spec new. Asking price £XXXX for the whole lot – result being a fun, multi-purpose boat with all the gear you’re ever likely to need (apart from buoyancy aids, we should say). SOLD

Almost unique – one of only two built, mainly to prove it was possible – this is a single-piece (not takeapart or nesting) version of our popular 9ft simulated clinker dinghy. She has never been used in the water, mostly because we find it’s easier to take one that’s in two pieces! However if you don’t need a nesting dinghy, but like the look of these boats, this is a good deal. She has a cream hull and interior with top two planks in navy, woodwork in teak, chrome rowlocks, and teak-deck style centre thwart. If you wish to add options from our list most, such as keel band, these can be retro-fitted at additional cost. She’s going to make somebody a lovely boat. SOLD

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Lightly used green Portabote 12 Genesis V version with oars and rowlocks. Purchased new from us in 2012, only used 3 or 4 times (looks like less), and stored indoors. A lightweight Optimist-style plastic launching trolley is included if required. Of similar vintage and use, from the same owner, there is also a Torqeedo 1003S with the more recent (higher capacity) battery, immaculate condition. Asking £xxxx for the package, may split engine from boat. (Price new today over £3700!) SOLD

SNYB26 NESTAWAY PRAM 8 with Sailing Rig
This boat was delivered at the start of the 2013 season, and the customers loved using her as tender to their yacht, but have had to move on to other things due to a change in circumstances. Spec includes: teak woodwork, teak bilge keels and handles, rubber fendering with tripod feet on transom, transom wheels and bow handle, chrome rowlocks and sculling rowlock socket, 7ft varnished pine oars, 36sqft lugsail rig with wooden spars and jointed mast, white hull and cream interior. It’s very unusual for us to be able to offer such a fully-kitted, used but excellent condition example, at less than one year old and with no waiting list. SOLD

This was the 4th boat from our then-new moulds, built for Southampton Boat Show 2011 and still with us today. She has a very smart burgundy-coloured hull with cream interior, teak woodwork and teak-deck style centre thwart, teak keel band, and chromed metal rowlocks. We don’t think she’s ever actually been in the water, but display at exhibitions has led, inevitably, to some minor cosmetic scratching such that she’s now just slightly beyond “show condition”. So it’s time for a new owner, and finally she’ll get to spread her (water)wings. These are lovely boats to row and light enough to launch on your own, whilst big enough to take a passenger and some luggage too. Built to this specification a new one would come in at about £2100 – we’re asking £xxxx and will even throw in a pair of oars. SOLD


NYB22 CHAMELEON 10ft Nesting Pram Dinghy
A rare opportunity to acquire a professionally-built, brand new, example of Danny Greene’s much sought after “Chameleon” 10ft two-piece nesting pram dinghy. These have an excellent reputation amongst long-distance sailors as a versatile tender that can be rowed, sailed or motored, and fits in half the space of a conventional hard dinghy (nested length is just 5ft 4″). They have great carrying capacity, can be rowed to windward in conditions when most inflatables (even with a motor) have given up, and are described as a “hoot to sail”.

Most Chameleon dinghies are home-built and often using DIY-store materials – this one is (very) different! The hull is constructed from Robbins Elite marine plywood, sheathed in West epoxy and glassfibre, painted throughout in Jotun-two pack. On first glance most people assume she has a moulded glassfibre hull. The wood trim – gunwhales, knees, centre thwart etc – is genuine teak. The two halves of the boat are joined together by 1/2″ chromed bolts (as used on our production Nestaway boats) with large handles built-in – so no tools are required – and captive threaded fittings so there are no nuts to lose. We doubt many Chameleons have been made to this standard, and quite probably none have been made to this standard and sold new (this one has been in the water once).


We built her to evaluate “epoxy ply” as a construction method and whilst we appreciate its good points – light, strong, easy to maintain – sadly had to conclude that it’s not really viable in the dinghy market. The materials bill was just under £1500 and we don’t want to think about the hours that went in (definitely more than the 100hrs quoted by the designer)! Somebody is going to get a really nice boat for well under the (professionally-built) replacement cost.

Included are the two halves of the boat, a removable longitudinal seat for the stern section, rudder blade and tiller, daggerboard and daggerboard case. Mast, sail etc not included but we could supply at additional cost.


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NYB23 Nestaway TRIO 14
Built by us in 2009, this early Trio 14 is in remarkably good condition for a three year old boat – a credit to her single owner from new, with only cosmetic scratches on the bottom to reveal that she has been used.

A few minor modifications have been made including:
– fitting of galvanised rowlocks to centre section, with load-spreading wooden pads. A pair of 6ft, two-piece, oars are part of the deal.
– fitting of fairlead with integrated cam cleat at bow, to facilitate anchoring
– coating of the (teak) woodwork with mahogany-stain varnish. This is why the wood appears darker than standard, not in any way offensive but could be removed if you wanted to bring it back to a bare wood or oiled finish.

She has teak woodwork and the teak deck style (stripey) seats, but is otherwise a very “standard” Trio 14. However as this model is still in full production we could retrofit most options – from keel band to sailing rig – if you want us to, at additional cost.

These boats don’t come up second hand very often and usually go fairly quickly. Replacement cost ordered new today would be £3259 (excluding owner-fitted equipment listed above). SOLD


NYB12 GRP Nesting Pram Dinghy, Standing Lug rig.
This burgundy-hulled boat was built for Southampton Boat Show 2011 and has also been on display at three other shows, but has never been in the water.

The high specification includes:
– upgrade to teak woodwork
– teak decking to buoyancy tanks
– rubber fendering
– teak keel wear strip
– teak bilge keels/handles
– 4x folding cleats (bow & stern)
– longitudinal seat in stern
– standing lugsail rig with two part


mast and window in sail
– two-part varnished wood oars
– chrome rowlocks.

With her dark red hull and extensive use of teak she would make a very distinctive “tender” to a yacht or camper van, or of course can be used as a fun (and easy to transport/store) dinghy in her own right.

She has a few cosmetic scratches but the main reason we are selling her is that we have now changed the appearance of the decking on the buoyancy tanks, so this boat is no longer “current” for us.

She is therefore on offer as of 23 Nov 2012. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a brand new, high-spec Pram at a very good price and also without having to join our waiting list (at our busiest time of year!). SOLD


NYB18 Ex-Show Trio 14
This is our exhibition Trio 14, built for Southampton Boat Show in September 2011. We like to renew our show boats each year, so whilst she has a few minor cosmetic scratches etc, she has never been wet (other than rain!).

Upgrades from standard include:
– Navy blue hull/cream interior
– Teak woodwork in lieu of Iroko
– Teak decked buoyancy tanks
– 3x pop-up stainless steel cleats
– Keel wear strip in brass
– Bilge protection strips
– “Rig Ready”; so to add sailing rig would be easy later if you don’t now.

A Trio 14 built to this specification new would cost approx £3900; we are offering at £3300 (15% discount, and no waiting list).

If you wish to add a lug sailing rig as shown this would be brand new and cost an extra £1270, taking into account parts already fitted. Total with sailing rig £4570, which we would round down to £4,500 ono. SOLD

NYB21 Lightweight (carbon fibre) Trio 14
This boat was built April 2011 for stock – she has been to a few shows for display purposes, and in the water perhaps three times. She has the lighter weight foam-cored hull, with Kevlar outer skin and carbon inner, making her approx 30% lighter than a standard glassfibre Trio.

Options include teak woodwork, teak-decked buoyancy tanks, keel band and bilge keels, pop-up cleats, etc. A sailing rig is not included but could be fitted at additional cost.

NB RARE OPPORTUNITY! This was one of the very last carbon Trios built. In June 2011 we decided to suspend the lightweight models as we felt the price premium was too great, but also not really enough to make it worthwhile for us. So, the saving quoted is based on the last price we charged, but really it should have been more than that.

She has a few minor cosmetic scratches etc but as the hull is white these don’t really show and to look at she is essentially new; asking price £4500 ono – a saving of over £700. SOLD

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8ft Nesting Clinker Stem Dinghy (Development Boats)
Two of these pretty 8ft boats for sale:

NYB15 8ft Stem Hull #1
(not shown) First one made, a few kilos lighter than a standard boat because it has no buoyancy tanks (we hadn’t tooled them). Instead, there are removable solid teak thwarts at bow and stern, under which buoyancy bags (not included) could be fitted if you wished. All other woodwork is also in teak, to a very high standard, with chrome rowlocks. A lightly used boat, asking £1000 inc VAT.


NYB14 8ft Stem Hull #2
Second one out of the moulds. Nothing wrong with it but has a few minor differences to “production spec”. It has been afloat several times for testing (it’s a lovely boat to row!), and has a few scratches on the bottom. The woodwork is in teak, with chrome rowlocks and a brass keel band. Asking £1400 inc VAT, saving £473 (25%) on equivalent boat ordered new. SOLD

NYB17 Stowaway Kontender fold-flat 10ft dinghy.
Built 2005, a high-spec, lightly-used example of the Stowaway Kontender – similar in size to a Mirror dinghy but folds flat for easier transport and storage.

Sails very well for a folding boat and reviews of this model always come out on the delighted side of surprised, eg WATERCRAFT said: “I’m stunned. This boat is great!”

Options fitted include: the full rig (inc jib and bowsprit); two-position buoyancy bags that can be mounted inside or outside the hull for fendering and extra stability; solid transoms at bow and stern (covering the fabric); and hardwood gunwhales (in lieu of plywood).

She is generaly in good condition for age but with some cosmetic scratching to hull/ seats – this would be easy to fix, and could wait until the end of the season if you’re in a hurry to get afloat!

£750 ono. SOLD

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A much sought after, fold-in-half, “Clamboat”, with integrated trailer and retractable wheels. The main advantages are:
– Easier to Store and Shorter to Tow. The bow section folds over onto stern, reducing the length by 7ft, and providing a large stowage area inside.
– Easy Launching. Just push into the water until it’s afloat, detach the towbar, get in, pull up wheels and go!
– No trailer to park.
– No Mooring Fees, and only 7ft long (instead of 14) to store at home.
– Stable, unsinkable (foam-filled) hull, perfect for families or fishing.

The Clamboat was developed in the UK in the 1990s, marketed for a few years, and then the moulds/tooling were bought by a company in Australia. More recently the design and concept came back to the UK, and although there were a few changes essentially the same boat is available today re-branded as the EzyBoat, with prices starting from £7995.
The versatile hull shape can be rowed, motored or sailed. It can take outboards from 2.5hp, for quiet river cruises, up to 15hp if you wish to achieve planing speeds (no motor is included but we can supply at extra cost). It can also be rowed fairly easily (rowlocks included but not oars), and has a moulded daggerboard slot so you could add a sailing rig (no sailing rig components included).

The Clamboat for sale here is hull number 42, built 2004 in the UK by Rondar Raceboats. It is generally in good condition for its age, but has clearly been used and has some scratches/chips in the gelcoat. It could be used immediately, but would benefit from some cleaning/polishing/filling of the glassfibre, plus sanding/ varnishing of the plywood centre seat and outboard bracket. It was towed over 150 miles to get it here in early April 2012, without incident, but the folding mechanism is a little stiff and would benefit from greasing (and probably most of all, being used).

Asking price £2000 or near offer – quarter of the price of a new Ezyboat! It is a complete boat, including integral fold-in trailer, but does not include oars, motor or sailing rig; and you will need a lighting board with number plate to take it away. SOLD

NYB11 Wooden hull Pram Dinghy (bare hull only)
This is the hull we took the moulds from for our production pram dinghies. She is constructed from double-diagonal mahogany, sheathed in glass and epoxy externally, but with no internal fitout, and measures 8ft2″x4ft3″.

We could help out with any of the fittings you might need to finish her off, from joining bolts and alignment hooks to a sailing rig.

The outside is for the most part exceptionally well-finished – as you would expect from a hull that was used to make moulds – although there are a few chips that would need repairing (nothing difficult) where the mould stuck.

The materials cost for this boat was over £1200, plus over 200 hours of labour… at our asking price of £1100 she is quite simply a bargain for someone with the appropriate skills to finish her.

There is a picture of a finished wooden Pram at the bottom of this page –
now sold but indicative of what you might achieve with this hull. SOLD

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NYB2 NestingLite NN10 Evaluation Boat


We imported this boat from the Canadian builders NestingLite in January 2010, with the idea being to show her over here, take orders and start production in the UK. That didn’t happen in the end – not least because we developed our own 9ft nesting stem dinghy (click here: 9ft Clinker Stem Dinghy) – so our little-used evaluation boat is now for sale including sailing rig/VAT.

She also has the optional foredeck with hatch (RRP $495), currently loose but could easily be sealed in to provide more buoyancy and storage. SOLD

NYB7 Pram Dinghy with painted finish
Glassfibre hull with teak woodwork, daggerboard case, mast support mouldings, and chrome rowlocks. It has a painted exterior and interior (rather than gelcoat), in white using Jotun two-pack epoxy primer and several coats of gloss. This was built to test out our spraying facilities, and the finish is excellent, arguably better than gelcoat. Paint is of course not as thick as, but harder than gelcoat, and for most people easier to touch in if you do scratch through it. Priced approx as standard boat to this spec, ie £2,100, with – if you’re in a rush – no waiting list (a painted finish would normally be more expensive because of the extra labour). Options including sailing rig could be added at standard prices. SOLD

NYB9 Carbon/Kevlar Pram with sailing rig
This high-spec carbon/Kevlar Pram dinghy with sailing rig was delivered to the customer earlier this year. Sadly, a change in circumstances means they cannot use it any more, so it is a rare opportunity to acquire one of these Prams ready-built (no waiting list) and at a significant saving on the price new.

Specification includes: upgrade to carbon/Kevlar hull; upgrade to teak woodwork; two longitudinal seats in stern section; lug rig with tan sail, window and boom; keel wear strip in brass; bilge keels/handles on stern section; chromed rowlocks and 6ft 6″ oars; transom wheels; and Easybase towbar-mounted carrying platform.

The list price for a new dinghy to this spec is over £5300 with a waiting list of about two months; the customer is asking £4600 (saving over 15%). The hull has only got wet three times and the sailing rig has never actually been used afloat. SOLD

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NYB8 14ft Trio (built 2010)
We delivered this teak-trimmed, glassfibre hull Trio last year, for use as a dayboat in Chichester harbour. The owners enjoyed her very much but have now decided to go for a bigger boat with a cabin for trips further afield.

She is offered complete with: outboard motor, 7ft oars/ outrigger brackets (two pairs), anchor and folding launch trolley.

She is generally in very good condition – the hull has just been re-polished in our workshops – with a few cosmetic scratches to the hull as you would expect of any boat after one season’s use (mostly on bottom where you don’t see them).

The engine is a Tohatsu 3.5 four-stroke, a great choice for the Trio, being relatively light weight (19kg) with an integral fuel tank. This was bought late 2009 for use with this boat, last serviced 2010. We’d recommend you get it serviced by an approved agent, soon after purchase, to maintain the balance of 5 year warranty. SOLD

NYB5 9ft Stem Dinghy sailing rig development boat
This is not far off our standard 9ft stem dinghy, but with the sailing rig less “built-in” than current production models. Basically the hull and buoyancy tanks are standard with the mast support and daggerboard case made from plywood with teak trim, rather than mouldings (arguably nicer, but non-standard). Lightly used and shown at one boat show. Options fitted include brass keel strip, bilge keel handles, chrome rowlocks and folding cleats – retail price new with the rig would be approx £3700, we’re asking £2,700. A lovely boat at this price and any additional options required could still be fitted (as per price list). SOLD

(NYB1) Trio, first production glass fibre boat (refurbished Oct 2010)
This was the first Trio out of the moulds, built June 2009, with an identical hull shape to the current model, but a few differences to the internal fit out, most noticeable being:
– More visible reinforcement to the centre section floor than production version.

The woodwork is Iroko and has been well looked after. The buoyancy tanks are as standard version, apart from the way the removable stern seat mounts (it is slightly less “integrated”). The hull is standard glassfibre layup and has been used, with some cosmetic scratching but nothing serious and virtually invisible being a white hull.

This boat has just undergone extensive refurbishment and, whilst it doesn’t look brand new, represents a one-off opportunity to buy a fairly standard Trio in good condition at a very significant saving, with no waiting time, at £1,450. Most options that can be specified from new on other Trios could be retrofitted to this boat, at standard prices. SOLD

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NYB3 Cold-moulded mahogany 8ft 8″ Pram Dinghy.
This was the original prototype for our current production glassfibre Pram Dinghy. She was built in 2008, using two layers of diagonally opposed mahogany veneer (each 3mm thick) with a glass/epoxy layer on the outside for abrasion resistance.

We built her with little consideration of cost and several features – such as the mahogany/cedar decks and beautiful hog plank – that would never be viable commercially. SOLD

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