Dinghies, Day-Boats, Kayaks & Canoes, from 6-18 feet long.
Also Outboard motors, eg Torqeedo 1003 electric at £1249

Welcome to Nestaway Boats.

We sell a unique range of sectional, nesting, and folding boats from the world's leading manufacturers. Our ever-expanding collection includes:
- NESTAWAY sectional nesting boats, designed and built by us in the UK. Five sizes, from 8-16ft.
- PORTABOTE fold-flat boats, made in the USA. Near-indestructible, beamy plastic hulls, four lengths, 8-14ft.
- FOLDAWAY fold-flat boats, made in the UK. A tough, double-ended 8ft boat, particularly easy and enjoyable to row.
- NAUTIRAID "skin-on-frame" folding dinghies, canoes and kayaks, made in  France. Tough, good looking, and light, offered in lengths from 6-18ft.
- DinghyGo sailing inflatables. The only general purpose motor and rowing inflatables that can also be sailed.
- POINT 65 sectional kayaks, from Sweden. Sit-in, sit-on, solo & tandem.

All the boats we sell offer easier transport/storage than "normal" boats, and are
 quick and easy to assemble.

We also sell outboard engines (Suzuki, Tohatsu, Torqeedo) and a huge range of boating accessories.

We exhibit at the London and Southampton Boat Shows, plus various outdoor and camping events throughout the year. We welcome visitors by appointment, and are pleased to offer demonstrations as needed.

This page offers a brief summary of the different boats, or you can use the links below to jump direct to our Boat Information Pages: 

Above: our 8ft nesting Pram dinghy, ready to go....
... and (below) nested on the foredeck of a yacht.

8ft Nesting Pram Dinghy 
Trio 14 Car Boot Boat
Porta-Botes (fold-flat) 8-14ft
FoldAway 8ft Boat
Nautiraid folding dinghies
Nautiraid folding kayaks
Nautiraid folding canoes

DinghyGo Sailing Inflatables
Petrol outboards (Suzuki & Tohatsu)
Electric Outboards (Torqeedo)
9ft Nesting Stem Dinghy
Trio 16 Family Dayboat
Point 65 Sectional Kayaks

Contact us by email: nestawayboats@yahoo.com
or mail@nestawayboats.com

Or call us: 0800 999 2535 (free from UK landlines);
+44 (0) 7768 600595 (cheaper from overseas and mobiles)

Magazine Reviews of our Boats here: Magazine Reviews

Our next exhibitions are: 
All Wales Boat Show; Beale Park Boat Show.



This two-section boat is often sold as a yacht tender, or to fit inside or on the back of a camper van. She is 8ft 2" long assembled, with a nested length of 4ft 8". The glassfibre hull is fitted out in Iroko or Teak.

Assembly is very simple: hook the sections together then do up the bolts. It only takes a couple of minutes.

The Pram is stable, dry, easy to row, and takes up to three adults. The optional sailing rig can be used with or without a boom. She will also take a small petrol or electric outboard. Click here (Pram Dinghy) for more info.

Our two-section, 9ft Clinker Stem Dinghy is very popular - just the right size for many different applications: Yacht Tender, Sailing Dinghy, Rowing, Fishing and general "Messing About in Boats". She can be launched singlehanded, but carries three adults comfortably.

The TRIO 14 multi-purpose-boat (above and right) splits into three sections that nest together to make a package that will fit in the back of many estate cars - no trailer or roof rack needed. She can be sailed, rowed or motored and takes up to three adults. The high length to beam ratio makes her an efficient rowing boat, and fast under power, achieving speeds of 10-11 knots with a 3.5hp motor.

Click here: 14ft Trio
There is also the larger: TRIO 16

We also sell Portabotes (also commonly referred to as Portaboats, Porta-Bote, Porta-Boat), which fold into a surfboard-like package that is just 4" thick. A different approach to transport and storage - we tend to find that customers' needs dictate whether a Nestaway or Porta-Bote will suit them best (rarely do they overlap) - in a tough, durable (virtually indestructible!) package that is popular with anglers, motorhome and yacht owners around the world.
Click here: PORTABOTES   


The FoldAway 8 is made in the UK from materials that are very similar to those used by PortaBote - ie very robust - but in a smaller, double-ended hull format that is very easily-driven.

This also means the FoldAway is exceptionally easy, enjoyable, and rewarding, to row.

At £950 including oars etc, the price is very good for this type of boat too. 

Click here: FoldAway 8 

Earlier this year we became the UK agent for 
NAUTIRAID folding skin-on-frame dinghies, kayaks and canoes - the picture right shows an 8ft "Coracle 250". They are very good looking for folding boats, and also notably lightweight.

Click here: NAUTIRAID

Many of our customers come to us because they want a dinghy that sails, so when we heard about DinghyGo we were very excited - the stored dimensions are unbeatable for a sailing boat! There are other sailing inflatables about but none that we know of that also function as general purpose tenders (ie motor/ row). Spiritual successor to the Tinker range.

Click here: DinghyGo Sailing Inflatables

These sectional "sit-on-top" plastic kayaks are a lot of fun, and great value (starting from £489 for a complete, ready-to-go package). You can use them with or without the optional middle section, as either a two-piece one-person kayak, or a three-piece two-person kayak. The pieces don't "nest" like our other boats but as the only company in the world offering a whole range of sectional boats we felt this clever and versatile design deserved to be in our line-up. There is now also a sit-inside version. Click here for more information: SECTIONAL KAYAKS 

Our newest addition is the Whaly range of rotomoulded plastic, RIB-style, motor boats. They are not quite our usual thing (they don't fold up or nest!), but we do appreciate their qualities of durability, space and value, particularly for use in our home waters of Christchurch, Poole and the West Solent. We can supply just the boat, or complete boat-engine-trailer packages.

Click here: Whaly Boats

Some Frequently Asked Questions (more here:FAQs)


Nestaway Boats are hand made in England. Hulls from Dorset, spars from Oxfordshire, joining bolts from Birmingham. Many of the components are bespoke, and we offer a high level of customisation. Most Nestaways are built to order but we usually have show boats available to see/try. 

Portabotes are made in the USA - we are the UK south coast agent and co-import them with UK distributors Intramore (in Lowestoft). We generally hold stock of the 8, 10 and 12 models at our base near Christchurch, and can get 14s fairly quickly if needed.

The FoldAway 8 is made in the UK, from plastic panels CNC-machined in Germany, with most other components sourced locally.

Nautiraid's folding skin-on-frame boats and kayaks are made in a factory in the middle of France. They have a dedicated staff and make pretty much everything in house, to a very high standard. 

DinghyGo hails from Holland, components sourced worldwide. Sailing rig apart, it's also a very high quality inflatable dinghy.

The sectional kayaks (model ranges"Tequila" and "Martini") are from Swedish company Point 65 North, with plastic moulding facilities in the USA and Far East.

Whaly Boats are made in Holland.

Torqeedo electric outboards are German. Suzuki and Tohatsu petrol outboards hail from Japan. 


It's just like a "normal" boat, but made in two or more pieces that detach from and fit inside each other. They are much more portable and can be carried in ways that other boats can't: on the deck of a yacht, or a towbar platform on the back of your car, or on a tiny trailer, or even (some models) INSIDE an estate car. They can be stored in the corner of your garage, shed or beach hut, horizontally or vertically.


(Relating to Nestaways) The answer (no) is essentially the same for both: think of it as two (or in some cases three) small boats joined together to make one bigger boat - each section will float in its own right. More technically the partial bulkheads at the ends of each section come above the loaded waterline, so whilst a thin film of water may come up between them, it never gets high enough to enter the boat. There is no need for a seal as such, apart from a rubber washer on the lower joining bolts.


We lived on board a 31ft yacht in the Caribbean for two years - our dinghy was equivalent to a car. It was used, hard, every day: carrying water, going to the shops, going to the bar, visiting other yachts, setting anchors, going snorkelling... and one day, having been through several tenders, we fell in love with another yacht's home-built plywood nesting dinghy. It could be rowed, sailed or motored, 
and whilst we found plans for DIY build versions, nobody actually made such a thing to buy. So we decided - in an age that many people don't have the time and/or ability to build their own boat - we would!

As time has gone by, through chatting to potential customers, we have come to realise that there are many other innovative solutions to the problems of transporting and storing a boat; and at the same time almost every customer has a different set of requirements. To help fulfil these needs we have also taken on distributorships for other products that we like and find to be of good quality. So far these are Portabote and FoldAway (folding boats), Point 65 (sectional kayaks), and most recently Nautiraid (skin-on-frame folding dinghies, kayaks and canoes) and the DinghyGo sailing inflatables.

We hope that by displaying all these products together - at boat shows and our (shall we say "workmanlike") showroom near Christchurch - it will be easier for you to choose between them. We know all the products well - their advantages and disadvantages - and use them ourselves, and will happily take you out on the water in the harbour if you want us to (especially if it's a sunny day!).


By email - nestawayboats@yahoo.com

By phone - 0800 999 2535 (free from UK landlines) or 07768 600595 (mobile to mobile). We are still a fairly small business and won't always be able to hear/answer - if so please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We attend most of the major UK boat shows, particularly London ExCeL (January) and Southampton (September), plus a scattering of the smaller ones.

Our boats can be seen at any other time by arrangement, and with a little notice, near Christchurch (east Dorset). Please note that (especially at busy times of year) we don't always have all varieties of boat available - don't just turn up "in the hope!"

Our warehouse, outboard servicing workshop and "workmanlike showroom" is at:
Nestaway Boats Ltd
Building 306, Aviation Business Park
Bournemouth Airport
Dorset BH23 6NW 

Nestaway Boats is a limited company, established 2007.
For more contact details click here: Contact Details & Driving Instructions

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8ft Nesting Pram Dinghy     14ft TRIO multi-purpose boat
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NN10 nesting stem dinghy
9ft Nesting Stem Dinghy     Point 65 Tequila! sectional kayaks
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Torqeedo Electric Motors     PORTABOTES 

Nestaway Boats Ltd, a Dorset and Devon based UK company also trading as
PortableBoatShop.com and Christchurch Outboards

We make and sell Nestaway sectional nesting boats; sell Portabote (Portaboat, Porta-bote) folding fold-flat boats; sell Nautiraid folding dinghies, kayaks and canoes; sell DinghyGo sailing inflatable tenders; and sell Point 65 sectional kayaks and canoes. We also demonstrate, sell and service Torqeedo electric outboards and Tohatsu and Suzuki petrol outboards

We are the world's leading one-stop-shop for easy-to-carry and store, portable, folding, nesting and sectional boats and dinghies. If you don't have anywhere to put a normal boat and/or don't like towing trailers, call us.























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